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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:36

Work Permit delights of the Syrian Businessmen

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Kahramanmaras Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( KMTSO ) work with the Syrians demand from other institutions of Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Çelik positive response came from the delights of businessmen .

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Kahramanmaras Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Kemal Karaküçük , said in a statement on the issue , they presented on October 26 from Kahramanmaras Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu 6 reports the main ingredient and was reminded that the emergence of the work permit of one of the Syrians from this material. Karaküçük, \"our report,'For over approximately 3 years of continuing under the status of our country temporary protection because of conflicts , including 220 thousand housing center has come to 1 million Syrian citizens . Security , economy, education , the work of Syrian beginning of the shortage in health comes permissions. Labor and social Security, our ministry has made ​​statement that the conduct of studies to be given identifier and a work permit on the subject. to be finalized urgently in this study , those with tent cities in mind also our domestic workers'city, businesses in 10 percent of Syrian personnel pave the way of taking the one hand, the Turkish private sector solution to the open labor while on the one hand in terms of the idle with the prevention of social problems through the introduction to the economy of this group will be a very important contribution . \"he said. these positive developments get better for all our countries,\"he said. Photo Karaküçük, is the highest level of the evolving needs of the labor force in Kahramanmaras industry said, \"we demand our government in this application will be a serious relief after labor and labor will close an important gap ,\"he said .

Work Permit delights of the Syrian Businessmen" comments for.


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