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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 29 Ocak 2016, Cuma 13:52

We want to make about the privatization of the National Lottery in 2016

We want to make about the privatization of the National Lottery in 2016
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Finance Minister Naji Ağbal, they are committed to the privatization of the National Lottery, it discussed with investors for new tenders and specifications quickly said they had reviewed, "we commissioned our Consultant. Consultant Our company is finishing its work in this regard. Customizing about a moment ago the National Lottery in 2016 we want to do, "he said.

  • "VAT of the refundable tax authorities very disorganized. We have said that expertise rules the tax authorities. I gather them in a certain area, we have much more we can do the job quickly"
  • "A tax office 'white' as that other one 'black' he says. 'No way,' I said something like that. State, we are going to standardize the financial management. Very soon, I suppose we would have recovered up to a month, we announced a comprehensive action plan and the public, and We will put into practice "
Ağbal, Anadolu Agency (AA) in the Panel Editor to answer questions and the assessment found on the agenda.

Cancelled shaft in the privatizations with the latest on the lottery bid after dollars instead of TL based upon, or fixed-rate application of Ağbal on the question for itself unable to come up, that privatization is not just a revenue item, the AK Party government during the period did much customization to the extent can not be compared with the previous period they told.

In privatization the primary purpose of government is reduced, the work carried out by the government in the scope of market activity is transferred to the private sector describing Ağbal, ensuring competition in this way, cheaper goods and services, making consumers reported the economy is targeted to be placed on a more solid foundation. Ağbal, he said:

"Privatization applications continues very successfully every year. Any downtime is not a question. At times it was canceling the tender if it fails to meet a number of privatizations Bidder if liability is re-made preparations. In that sense, the National Lottery about our auctions failed to fulfill its obligations when the company first time. We had to take our second company under the Convention. We did that. That company was also done previous tender process in December for failing to fulfill its obligations. "

We want to make about the privatization of the National Lottery in 2016" comments for.


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