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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:41

Views from Malatya Bar Association Mebos'

Views from Malatya Bar Association Mebos'
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Malatya Tradesmen and Artisans Association ( Mesob ) President Shaukat Sharp, Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit Surety Cooperatives ( ESKKK ) President Ali Universe and chambers of commerce presidents Malatya Bar Association President Anwar visited Khan wished him success due to the new task.

Malatya news: President Mesob Speaking at a Photo Visit Sevket Sharp, \"you have a nameless recognize years of Malatya and trades is very good. Very you will be successful and I strongly believe you will be in dialogue with all institutions. I have full faith you will Malatya, the esse of . Turkey is a state of law . The Law we all rule and justice needs . we have no doubt that she would serve the country in our and our nation in the justice principles of Baroda . I congratulate your your new job and a board member in Malatya Bar Association , \"he said . Photo ESKKK President Ali Universe from Malatya Bar Association's institutions stating that he believes will give importance to dialogue , Hana wished success due to the new task. the Photo Bar Association President Anwar Khan, \"Artisan is very important, tradesmen means that you have , which means the formation of unions in society and Amity . I am an artisan boy. it is 17 number of Drivers and Vehicle year ago Sevket sharp's side in his time as President of the Chamber ,'Mr president I you give your power of attorney'I went . Had given themselves the due satisfaction by the attorney due to me being an artisan children. Malatya is the first I have received in my attorney and proxy Automobile Chamber of Drivers . Sharp is a personal proxy blessed . One issue remains about 17 years behind me, is with me. He is my master. Has taught me to say what is bothering me with trades . Besides my capacity as President of the Bar Association of Malatya Chamber of attorney , advocate Drivers and Automobile Chamber and I serve as the attorney of all the rooms. It is an honor for me , is an honor. I always support the artisans. What should I do if I want to make love until the end of Craftsmen . I'm touched me because of the visit of Malatya artisan community and I am honored , \"he said .

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