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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:57

Urban Regeneration in the ditch Response

Urban Regeneration in the ditch Response
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Ditch the district of Sakarya ongoing Kemaliye District Urban Renewal project, people do not want to nationalize the house , reacted to that court for discovery.

Sakarya news: Citizens who maintain their response , walked to the municipality. Photo Environment and the Ministry of Urbanism and ditch conducted by the Municipality and about 63 acres in area 309 building citizens who do not want the expropriation of houses they live in urban regeneration projects including the Council of Ministers decision of the State Council moved by the Council . Some of the 100 thousand people living in the neighborhood were selling the residence Kemaliye Dyke Municipality , opposed the nationalization of other parts of the house. Ditch the result of the lawsuit filed against the Municipality of citizens do not want to sell their homes , came committee discoveries to be made in the neighborhood of the court . Citizens said that their homes taken from them without permission , reacted to analyze the court in the region.
Then walking to the municipality in order to react to people Kemaliye District , where he made a press statement. The statement made on behalf of Kemaliye District , \"Ditch the Municipal Urban Renewal has turned into almost a rantsal transformation , the neighborhood has counted to the residents at all. We are happy to live on the remaining immovable our ceddi as quiet neighborhood . This is leaving immovable or that they do not have this difficulty. Just neighborhoods we near the market center he should not be given a premium to surging appetite . made ​​-profit annuity that this application is completely objective and its citizens need to know that the real intent on expelling the rest of the ancestors \"the statement said .


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