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  • 08 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 04:25

Turkey's first School of Applied Opened

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And a first in Turkey, which is the site that will provide training to 40 students in the Ford Otosan Kocaeli Vocational School Foundation, was opened in the district of Kocaeli, Izmit.

And a first in Turkey, which is the site that will provide training to 40 students in the Ford Otosan Kocaeli Vocational School Foundation, was opened in the district of Kocaeli, Izmit.
by Ford Otosan and Vehbi Koç Foundation, which was built at the University of Kocaeli Izmit İhsaniye Automotive Vocational School, will be held for the first time in higher education with the concept of practical vocational training of skilled labor in the sector will grow. According to the criteria of international standards and vocational education students receive training in the sector of design, production, marketing and sales services by working to improve the competitiveness of Turkey in the global area. Puddles İhsaniye Vocational High School, attended the inauguration Turgay Durak,"Information and technology based on today's global economy requires skills our young population of introducing the way there is no doubt education and training is going through,"he said.
Ford Otosan and Vehbi Koç Foundation (VKV) 's, at the University of Kocaeli, which were built with an investment of $ 9 million VKV Ford Otosan Kocaeli University puddles İhsaniye Automotive Vocational School, has been brought to life ceremony training. Koç Holding's Vocational High School National Issue Project established the school's opening ceremony, Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak, Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün, Kocaeli Governor Ercan Spinning, Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli University Rector. Dr.. S. Sezer. Komsuoglu and puddles joined Mayor Mehmet fifty-five.
in a speech at the opening ceremony of Koç Holding CEO Turgay Durak, 85 Leaving behind a year of Vehbi Koç, founder of the Koç Group"state and country I'm in. I have a fairly"he said of the study shed light on them. Stop today for the opening they come together Vocational College life for the passage and Turkey's first private foundation, the Vehbi Koç Foundation's 45 years of development of our country to support the perspective of activity, he said.
Priority is always in Turkey gain is describing Stop, said continued :"T fter the industry exist and world market competitive power produced quality products and efficiency in a stable manner must improve. these in the context of vocational education, our country's sustainable development and our future the most important investment we see. vocational training completed our young people, business expert employees, given that they bring to their jobs that they value and the difference we will see together. Turkey's automotive industry's leading companies, Ford Otosan their own behalf as well as the sector on behalf of the vocational training issues our higher education level to take part in this great project which I find meaningful."
"We are looking forward"
Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün in his speech, Ford Otosan industry The first practical vocational schools implemented, stating said :"60 ' a close brand's 400 thousand persons in excess of the employment figures a huge build value in the automotive industry' skilled labor 'needs is of great importance. Turkey's most important problems of the qualified staff to reduce the deficit versatile for work are continuing. quality professional trained employees, quality products and services we believe that our industry will improve and Turkey increase the competitiveness believe. Educated young minds in our factories start to work the days and look forward."
Kocaeli University Rector. Dr.. Sezer Sener Komsuoglu the vocational schools emphasizing the importance,"in vocational colleges 800 thousand students are studying. That are very caring. Turkey's, as our country merits of those in need in these schools, this 800 thousand high-quality, prestige, position and his work fondly to graduate,"he said .
Koç Holding such an investment to Kocaeli all for their contribution Thank Kocaeli Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, said continued :"H epica we are pleased happily together you have achieved. A country's development uneducated is not possible. development is not possible without production. Producing will prosper."
at the opening ceremony a short speech, Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca said,"This major investment in our province saving Ford Otosan and Koç Foundation endless thank you"he said.
Speaking of the protocol invited wide participation of the school's opening observations were made in the school performed the ceremony.

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