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  • 19 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 13:02

"Turf should be available in the Health Team"

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Nineteen May University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Asst.

Samsun news: Nineteen May University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Asst. Assoc. Dr.. Murat Erdogan,"Carpet any injuries that may occur in areas of the healthcare team must be present for first responders,"he said. Nowadays
of extreme sports hall and astroturf competitions taking place with increased expression that cripples Asst. Assoc. Murat Erdogan, carpet area citizens who want to do sports regularly as a general health check should take priority recalled. Human life sport an important factor that you have Erdogan said,"especially to stay healthy sport uniform conditions and proper health care have to do it is useful. Because if the underlying problem if you have this problem due may arise for reasons sports against our current factor can be. Human life accelerated Although modern life has brought some challenges because of the extreme sports decreases instead indoor sports on our agenda is seated. Nowadays hall sports the most applicable one of the areas on the carpet area, carpet area of ​​the benefit side of that are otherwise certain health problems can lead to. Firstly, astroturf in the sport before certain people, particularly cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal diseases in terms unattested prerequisite us. If not the underlying cardiovascular problems or if bone and muscle disease pathological case if the astroturf in competitions held quite serious injuries , heart attacks, infarction, and many health problems we see,"he said.
Emergency services, astroturf in competitions held in the injured patients and often faced Erdogan stressed,"in such cases, especially in the first intervention of the patient in any hospital emergency be brought into line along with begins. Any an injury against the first responders to the patient be of great benefit, I think. This is why carpets in the areas of health care team to be taken will be very helpful,"he said.
carpet regular on-site wanting to exercise citizens on the alert Murat Erdogan,"Competition in advance of a general health check pass and at the same time doing sports will pitch in conformity with standards whether attention must be paid. Sporting before starting the presence of an expert in the warm-up movements should be done. you pay attention to them if it is astroturf in sports and social, both in terms of health is quite helpful, but they Failure to observe with undesirable consequences encountered Can"found in the description.

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