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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Eylül 2014, Pazar 16:53

They walked in the rain for Health

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Walk held in Kazan has drawn attention to obesity .

Ankara news: Ankara Directorate of Public Health , organized by the Healthy Life and Motion Month of walking activity , Kurtbogazi Dam occurred.
Healthy eating and obesity to draw attention to march Kazan Mayor Lokman Ertürk, Kızılcahamam Mayor Muhittin South , Turkey Public Health Head of institution Dr. Selected Ozkan, boiler County Health Director Dr. Abraham joined Celebrities and citizens . Walking with balloons and kites in the hands of small children in the area has a distinct flavor to the event . Before you start walking to draw attention to healthy eating apples were distributed to the participants . The marchers in their hands \"loved ones health are walking , Ankara walks obesity ends , balanced diet we're moving \"as the slogan which was written in currencies moved .
Kurtbogazi Dam at the entrance starting \"Counteracting Obesity Healthy Lifestyle Hiking uninterrupted oil spite of the rain continued and the participants a after having walked the dam located in the picnic area reached . marchers here a picnic fatigue scored.
Walking participating in the Turkey Public Health Association President Prof. Dr. selected Ozkan here in his speech ; Healthy Living and activity Month of walking efficiency Kurtbogazi Dam's perform , said:\"this rainy day with their families would like to thank our colleagues who participated in this march . Turkey has made great strides in health . Our life expectancy has come to 76 . Therefore, we will see more chronic diseases . These strategies have two important to avoid . One of these healthy eating and physical activity to the other . That's why every month on the last Sunday we walk our thereafter weekend as planned and it Başbakanımıza have presented itself to us gave full support , \"he said .
Wins Mayor Erturk local governments that era's disease fight against obesity in the name of such an event home hosted , said:\"despite the rain is more important to take care of health have participated in this walk . Our goal is to create an awareness of wellness at the point in our society . I believe that Turkey smoking in the fight against the achievements of the fight against obesity also will show you , \"he said .
Events at the end of Turkey Public Health Association Chairman Ozkan walk for their contribution to Mayor of Kazan Ertürk Thank gave a plaque .

They walked in the rain for Health" comments for.


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