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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Nisan 2014, Salı 13:16

The World's Largest Mosaic Museum Opens in Hatay

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Construction started about three years ago in Hatay and poised to become the world's largest mosaic museum in the Hatay Archaeological Museum , which , this year will open its doors to visitors .

Hatay news: Hatay about 3 years ago started to be built and the world's largest mosaic museum to be a candidate Hatay Archaeological Museum, its doors to visitors this year will .
Turkey's largest indoor area museum property will have new Hatay Archaeological Museum in so far due to lack of space and under the earth that have been stored in the mosaics can be exhibited . Museums, 5 thousand square mosaic exhibition area will have .
New Hatay Archeology Museum after opening the existing exhibited in the museum of mosaics as well be stored in warehouses works can be exhibited .
Hatay Governor Celalettin Spotless said in a statement , the museum world's most will be the largest mosaic exhibition area of the museum specifying not only the country's tourism and cultural values ​​of Hatay would increase .
former museum location due to lack of proper merchandising techniques without the use of artifacts in said spotless , \"the former in our museum location because we were not in a narrow area of today's merchandising techniques in improper conditions mosaic our plays were presented. Moreover mosaic of our part in improper conditions in warehouses were being retained . Exhibitions will be receiving the for under the earth was found , removed , had been identified. , but will be kept to the limited space off and on again favorable conditions occurs out of here, we'd land closed again was . a portion of probable following these areas because there were estimated . , but will be placed will be exhibited to the limited space that mosaics removed therefrom did . this museum is known in our state today as the world's largest mosaic exhibition capacity space will occur . 5 thousand square mosaic exhibition area will occur . Review by hour 971 square mosaics on display. former in the museum , which will be exhibited. former in our museum store those in the restored and will be on display . Those who can not display the location identified and will be exhibited under the earth be removed . And finally here and there is probable he made ​​excavations in places where there are estimated to be exhibited also be removed . As a result, up to 5 thousand square meters of exhibition space is available mosaic that capacity has the world's largest mosaic museum exhibition space we have . In this state, this museum is not only our province truly Turkey's tourism values ​​, cultural values ​​will increase the museum is very important , \"he said .

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