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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Mayıs 2014, Salı 14:07

The world's first and only Live History And Diorama Museum Opens Its Doors

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Live in the world the distinction of being the first and only Museum of History and Diorama , Hisart the opening meeting was held prior to the introduction of the museum .

World's first and only which is the Living History and Diorama Museum, Hisart eve of the opening of the museum introductory meeting was held .
Hisart Live History and Diorama Museum , the Roman Empire, the Anatolian Seljuk Empire , the Ottoman Empire , War of Independence , the first . and the 2nd World War, the Gulf War, acting as civilization and events of world history , military and ethnographic works are taking place . Works in the museum , the product of an event, fact or fiction , meaning three-dimensional modeling technique Diorama display. Speaking at the launch of the museum's founder
Hisart Çuhadaroğlu Nejat , a museum of visual elements related to monitoring the media would not be enough , he said. Çuhadaroğlu , \"This museum is actually unutterable seen is a museum . This museum television, newspapers or magazines who follow all of my friends come here and see the terms have said that . Two years ago at Yıldız Palace I opened the exhibition, the same words I heard . Place in the world an unprecedented museum , so here too want to see those here , especially supposed to visit . visiting traveler also here one hundred percent like I think that ,''he said .
Museum makes it different tricks of one of the museum in the animation that tells Çuhadaroğlu \"Here, both real with elements both is done with the object . So as well as models with dimensions with the actual dimensions , history has witnessed moments of objects stop , have made their animation . Already model with the diorama like this is being done ,''he said .
Museum exhibited in the works of a lot of the time can be seen voicing Çuhadaroğlu , \"The wealth of one of our each period is . Seljuk from the Ottoman Empire , the Ottoman First and Second world War II , Vietnam , Korea and Cyprus Peace Operation, all periods in this museum you can see ,''he said .
Museum will visit the children forget they stressed Çuhadaroğlu , \"Children here model when she sees already uploaded a great admired things I think , but we of the building on the top floor of a cafeteria've created here and for the kids sci-fi , western, pirate , movie and comic book characters on model given the place ,''he said .
official opening , Culture and Tourism Minister Omer Celik, with the participation of the museum, which will take place on Wednesday, May 28 , from Sunday June 1, will open its doors to visitors .

The world's first and only Live History And Diorama Museum Opens Its Doors" comments for.


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