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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Aralık 2015, Salı 18:06

The terrorist organization is experiencing the panic of losing public support

The terrorist organization is experiencing the panic of losing public support
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Unal, about the operation against the terrorist organization, "the ditch until the shield until there lives of our fellow citizens secured, until the construction of public order, the state will perform as required responsibilities on course," he said.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mahir Ünal, Anadolu Agency (AA) answered the questions as a guest to the Editor Panel.

"Everything is taking place before the eyes of its citizens"

Terrorist organization, pointed out that in a panic that Mahir Unal, said:

"Now there are municipality selected by a vote of the citizens in your hands? Yes. Is MPs? Yes. Are you being represented in Parliament? Are you the UK. So do you have extremely sensitive government on this issue? Yes. Now all this while, the citizens are asking this question; ' Why violence, why weapons, why ditch, why mine? Why do not I go to a comfortable manner at work out of my home? Children's why I can not go very smoothly, school reasons burned, ambulance Why are hit, hospitals, why are burned? ' Everything taking place before the eyes of the citizens. The citizens and the terrorist organization currently is experiencing the panic of having lost the support of the people. "

"Demirtas no one will"

Regions of the people, through the political establishment tried to cling to Turkey Unal striking, she said:

"Selahattin Demirtas, has one will do? Selahattin Demirtas no one will. There is a politics that determine the nomination process KCK commissioner. He knows also our people of that. But in our people in spite of everything is trying to hold on to Turkey over political institutions, violence , clearly showed the stance against terrorism. "

"Initiative against those who use open ditches"

Mahir Ünal, Diyarbakir Mayor historical artifacts related to the allegations in Sur Gültan Kışanak, said:

"Diyarbakır Metropolitan Mayor called me. Not like that among us it is expressed, extremely polite way, this situation hear the distress brought himself expressed. This situation was said to be suffering as mayor. I told him 'to take the initiative in this regard. He ditches open to those who, Diyarbakir those who terrorize, Diyarbakir and use initiative against those who want to put the country in a spiral of violence. We obviously will take the necessary measures to ensure the security there of our citizens, 'I said. "

Culture and Tourism Minister Unal, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu met with the future structural measures in the coming days regarding the package, announced in January, to give the final shape of the package.

The terrorist organization is experiencing the panic of losing public support" comments for.


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