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  • 08 Ekim 2013, Salı 17:35

Talked about his change PhotoFest photo

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3 International Bursa Photography Festival '(Bursa fotoFEST) held as part of' the evolution of modern photography 'panel on the photo photo effects on humanity and developing technology is used for what purpose were discussed.

Atatürk Congress and Culture Center (Merino AKKM) Hüdavendigar Hall, 'The evolution of modern photography, titled' panel, showed interest in photography lovers. Lalin Akalın moderated the panel claimed in the past, some of the differences occurred photography in photography today, sometimes the discussions of young photographers, photographers could be old said. Criticisms made on the fluctuations of the proponents of the reality of the process of photography that brought photography Akalın, technology has reached a very different sizes, and sometimes abused said. From being a tool to facilitate the work of technology drives our world has become a tool that transfers Akalın, visual-based thinking, the world was created, as everyone said it was included in the.

the panelists Nick Hackworth, 19 pictures of people making statements that century influence on society, filled with the picture of this form of photography is no longer expressed. Only 380 billion worldwide in 2011, Hackworth said the photo was taken, the rapid increase in the number of captured images, statistics, every two minutes and shows a photo was taken, he said. The number of pictures taken in the last year, since the 1800s, indicating that the greater the number of people Hackworth,"2.5 billion people across the globe have a digital camera. This is where the image is stored up? Nowadays, Facebook, the world's largest photo library emerges. part of a very large pictures are located here. Looking at the numbers in 2011, 70 billion photos added facebook. This accounts for 20 percent of photos taken around the world in 2011. Most Popular in America, Europe and Japan are attracted to photography. third world In countries with low number of photos taken,"he said.

In recent years, the image came across as metadata describing the commercial Hackworth, photo billions every year in social media is loaded, is no longer a part of the global culture of all the people said. Stressing the fact that the complex processes of technology evolves photos Hackworth,"Now, if people can change their faces. Particular, played a lot on people's faces in fashion magazines. Humans obsession with beauty is revealed. Everyone is trying to look like someone. U.S. 507 billion in 2012 to advertise dollars spent. Images and pictures we see that the most powerful communication tool. image is dominated by a capital of culture. How much you contribute in a way to express yourself away,"he said.

Merve Hasman

the other speakers today, Advertising photography, on the basis of quality and identity of the customer only wants to see an image on the lies passed. Describing the development of the industry of developing technology provides Hasman, raising expectations of change, emphasized that people become impatient.

Talked about his change PhotoFest photo" comments for.


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