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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:58

Start of 3rd International Olive Festival Didim

Start of 3rd International Olive Festival Didim
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This year will be held on 7 to 9 November 2014. 3. The date began with the International Olive Festival events Didim .

Aydın news: Festival olive trees were planted in the delegation from Greece municipal garden ; cortege was walking , and then toured to with stand the festival . Photo 3 to be held this year in Didim Didim International Olive Festival began . The 3-day festival was attended by a delegation of 37 people from Greece . Didim Municipality before beginning activity to Didim Governor Alexander Aspects , Didim Mayor A. Deniz Atabay Didim Garrison Commander M. Alper Köseoğlu, Didim District Director of Agriculture Ismail Efe, Didim Chamber of Commerce Chairman Saban Üstündağ, Didim Chamber of Agriculture President Bahattin Gökdemir, Didim City Council Mayor Osman Ayyýldýz , representatives of civil society organizations with municipal councilors , while the delegation hosted a delegation from Greece in front of the municipality. olive leaf to district protocol collar in Photo Didim hanging , the ladies wore crowns made ​​of olive branches on their heads while ; Anyway olive leaf to the members of the delegation Greek came to Didim part of the festival was suspended and Greek ladies in olive crown was inserted. Photo \"PEACE' IN SYMBOL OF OLIVE Greeks MUNICIPAL GARDEN planted \"In recent years a Photo Didim Municipality peace tree planted by the Greeks as a guest of the garden was given information to the press at the beginning of the olive tree ; then planted by protocol and guests in the municipal garden olive saplings brought by the Greek delegation .
planting seedlings of the following DAHOT folk dances were with the team at Didim Vocational School students and is located in the delegation from Greece, where the procession in front of the municipality, was to walk up to the area where the festival made ​​.
after the opening speech of the walk was held . President Didim Municipality Speaking at the opening of the festival, A. Deniz Atabay his satisfaction because of festival participation to be intense while expressing \"you're doing the festival a lot about it. They will continue to increase and diversify . The important thing is this spirit to capture this idea , such festivals how we can take the international dimension , the better . We can make our world more at peace and the environment. \"he said. Photo made ​​a speech from the behalf of the delegation from Greece Rican Chamber of Commerce, Economics Department Officer Giallizis Stergios their satisfaction be invited Festivak while expressing \"t we, as the Chamber of Commerce are trying to promote local products and we are also supports a lot about it. 2 Country not only the relations between the olive and olive oil over , there are a lot of products in terms of change and development. it should be a serious effort to both parties and to do their utmost . \"he said. Photo Didim Governor Alexander On the Direction of the Festival speech 2 times that regulation and stated that performed with the support of the Governor \"This year the festival of the first to be made by the City Council is a proof that you adopted this festival. Now Festivals Municipality, NGOs and targeted to do with your support purposes will contribute to achieving our . \"he said.
then Olives on Speech Pictures, and winners of the photo contest students were given a gift by the District protocol.
then District protocol and the opening by guests ribbon was cut and visit booths during the festival . District Protocol and mission olives and olive oil stands from Greece took the individual visiting information .
\"DİDİM' E UNIQUE DINING INTRODUCED \"was within the scope of Photo Festival Didim Vocational students by Didim'e is known as a specific meal and prepared for the festival'Kaşopit'has served the district from food protocol. Crucial part of the activity came from local food stands was presented to the public interest .


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