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  • 20 Ocak 2014, Pazartesi 03:59

Spoke in Istanbul on Facebook Cooler

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Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Vodafone Turkey carried out under the sponsorship came to Istanbul for Club Meetings.

İstanbul news:  Sandberg at the meeting in his speech, women in business representation increasing to shed light on the recommendations found in.
Fortune magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women of the selected one, the social networking site Facebook's Chief Operating Manager and"Challenge"the author Sheryl Sandberg, CEO Club meetings held as part of a special meeting came to Istanbul as a guest. The event, organized Sandberg,"Women, Work and Leadership Request"and gave a speech titled. Speaking of women in the business world representation Increasing shed light on the recommendations found in Sandberg,"the woman women support enough not even the biggest one of the obstacles another woman can be. Women in an environment there for the competition they have to,"he said. Sandberg,"Women of computer-based jobs are seldom represented. Women more like biology, areas prefer. Girl children computer skills necessary to bring,"he said.
Meeting Speaking at the opening of Vodafone Turkey CEO Gökhan preach,"Vodafone Turkey, our mission 'a better future communication technologies and everyone in Turkey to inspire' dictates. Towards this goal we've declared the 'Digital Transformation Movement' technology with our investments, social investments and services increased our investments we era begins. production, participating equally and their feet In order to be individuals who stand on the little wonders of technology at the service of women offer to their end,"he said. Women's labor force participation today for economic growth, most practical and most effective solution as one has come forward stating counsel said:"The economic development potential for the solutions too far away we should not. Enhanced 20 countries, we look at the women's labor force participation is about 51 percent. In Turkey This rate of 28 percent only for the business world is not healthy, informed and educated generation in the training of the main components female. Today economic growth is not sustainable for the productivity and innovation as important as other concepts, women's economic participation has grown. however, in the business world top management we look at female ratio is too low we see. Today, the employment of women and men equally participate in a smart economy as a model should be adopted. female and male competitors, but complementary elements as seen and to evolve strategies. Business in the world, we male managers a lot more responsibility falls. Women in the business world that they deserve places to come support and in front of it to remove the barriers have to work for. more senior positions rise encourage them to have to,"he said.
own life some of the stories told,"Lee In-Bounds Force"of the book, the author Sheryl Sandberg,"Book a feminist manifesto that maybe a kind of feminist manifesto can be counted, but men also affect women as much influence have the hope, he said. regions of Turkey and the world a pioneering role that specifies Sandberg,"Turkey's economic life in the development of women a strong contribution but not strong enough to have decision-making processes. In Turkey equality of opportunity further development in many other countries will lead,"he said.
Sandberg,'' Men of the achievements of their skills is due, defending women to succeed by chance, a lot of work or the support of others attribute it to,'' he said. Anywhere in the world '' your job aggressively Are?'' to the question of women, compared to men much more of hands indicating that they Sanberg, women patronize that our perception of the saying that'' one you are you bossing course, bossing do not possess the leadership skills I should say,'' he said
Men speaks to Sandberg,'' the evening on the way home women get flowers instead, dinner, dish or laundry wash. happier they will see. Claus with children growing both work and school life more successful. Males also as women, children must deal with,'' he said.
Sandberg, 13 percent of women working in Silicon Valley, noting that"the world leader in the women's 4 percent This rate is much lower than in the United States. Moreover, this rate does not increase for 10 years. Representation rate is very low, especially in Silicon Valley. In developed countries, fell to 13 percent from 35 percent in previous years,"he said. Sandberg,"Women of the field of computer technology, more are turning to the field of biology. We need to gain computer skills to girls. Computer and mathematical areas such as girls' backward is seen that our daughters to these areas of interest kept alive must"he said.
Women in business to each other more support ought to be, female solidarity day more and more increased, indicating that Sandberg,"Women to each other condescend to learn to need,"he said.
Sandberg,"Your child is faced with a very difficult decision you can. It's a fact. But a girl in college from that era are starting to think more of it.
Busy life of a business when planning the future of the future and knew it would be next to family life and work life while thinking focuses on the hill,"he said.

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