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  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 11:33

Specialist Dr. \"Nuri generous:\"Heart Attack'I'm coming'Der \"

Specialist Dr. \
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Memorial Antalya Hospital officials at the Department of Cardiology Specialist Dr.

Antalya news: Nuri generous , heart and vascular wrong about the health of one of the biggest ever think that heart disease is not stressed.
29 September World Heart Day makes a statement due Specialist Dr. Generous Nuri , one of every five men and one in eight women die from heart disease , he said. Heart and vascular disease can occur at any age expressed by Dr. Nuri generous , \"This disease incidence , especially in men after age 45 in women after menopause increases. Aged over 60 in every 100 people , 87 from heart disease are dying ,\"he said .
Cardiovascular health issues made ​​the biggest mistake at the beginning of any heart disease would not be think of saying that Dr. Nuri generous , he said:
\"Other mistakes still and stressful life choices to make , the risk factors to be aware and smoking is to use . Always ask your doctor what risk group that learn. Cardio-vascular disease, your risk of having to learn the following questions to answer will suffice. cholesterol'malignant cholesterol'your level do you know ? Blood sugar levels do you know ? your blood pressure'your blood pressure'Do you know ? these questions to any of your answer'no'is definitely only these values ​​for learning cardiac control should go to . Basically after tests your risk groups according to your doctor inspection and control the frequency will be determined . high-risk group persons in the annual check is recommended low-risk group for people control intervals longer be involved. \"
preventable diseases
of heart diseases preventable disease group , indicating that the DR . Nuri generous , the early diagnosis and treatment of heart is preserved in the case said that it is extremely gratifying .
symptoms of heart attack
Dr. Nuri generous , resting , chest middle line irritability, overwhelming , printing or burning style sometimes left arm , back and shoulder reflected the pain of a heart attack symptom could be noted.
An acute onset of shortness of breath , cold sweats and anxiety of death heart attack the messenger Dr told would be Nuri generous , said continued:
\"Sometimes the heart's lower surface of the feeding vessels engorged the first to complain of nausea , vomiting and fainting may be feeling . Cardiac symptoms of the crisis to know and be aware of early intervention is the basic principle because of a heart attack when a race against . Heart before the crisis felt chest pain to be aware of early diagnosis and treatment terms might have a chance . these cases almost 112 emergency call number with the professional assistance should be requested. If people just aspirin çiğnetil should . persons lapped or lying position must be set . Clothes tighter must be loosened . persons deep and slow breathing not ensured . person uses lozenges if you have to save time kullandırılabilir.kişi the cough to pulse difference is felt may be useful. heart attack, people who had not left alone with the time lost should not , oral medication except for one thing should not be granted . \"
heart attack, cardiac and respiratory arrest , the most important condition stating that Dr. Nuri generous , \"Family of heart disease in individuals with first aid training in CPR and life support in case of intervention know are important. Cardiac patients, people with drug list should be done and it must carry ,\"he said .

Specialist Dr. \"Nuri generous:\"Heart Attack'I'm coming'Der \"" comments for.


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