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  • 05 Ocak 2014, Pazar 10:33

(Special Report) with the probe in 18 years Suffers Kidney

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DIYARBAKIR (dpa)-In Diyarbakir, the 18-year-old Cetin Kaya's family, children 3 months of age, inability to urinate, fever, and took his doctorate with recurrent urinary tract infections.

Diyarbakır news: In the tests performed, the child is the work of a kidney, the other kidney is severely abnormal innate and learned that the treatment suffered shock. Urine from the left kidney for 18 years, engaged in the probe Cetin, Diyarbakır Memorial Hospital Specialist Professor of Pediatric Urology. Dr.. Abdurrahman Onen was hope. Prof. Dr.. Lead the world in the literature that bears his name with a device Cetin urinary tract extending the normal way urination helped.
Diyarbakır Kayapınar township Pavement living in the village Kutbeddin Rock's 10 children from the 4'ncü with Cetin's 3 months old normal and the patient was found to be unable to urinate constantly. 18 years from the probe placed in the left kidney, which makes urine Cetin, always around friends during this period were excluded. Even the children in the village to get to the ball, and that social media is isolated from Cetin, psychological treatment began. Urine from the urinary tract in the penis which is the normal way because it fails you will experience sexual problems Cetin, Professor. Dr.. Featured Abdurrahman was the remedy. Bearing its name and entering the world medical literature Cetin tool opens the full length of the urethra is closed Professor. Dr.. Onen, as far as known in the world for the first time, for 18 years, a normal urinary tract never use it only from the kidney directly out of the body with a probe urine who treat patients managed.
Patients 3-4 months of age with recurrent urinary tract infections, fever and urinary I can not do with my complaint stating that Prof. taken to a hospital by his family. Dr.. Featured in the hospital in the examination of the right kidney and the left kidney of the dead is a serious problem for the patient noted that the two surgeries. Prof. Onen, right kidney surgically removed patient's left kidney surgeries performed during the urine channel from the kidney to the bladder along its length is clogged observed that stating"our patient urinates order to do during surgery, severely swollen and enlarged problematic left kidney, a probe is inserted and the probe's lifetime was the fate that any other remedy that has been said. these case patients 18 years of village environment to live in the worked., left kidney in the probe and the bag because of the severe psychological problems were dealing with,"he said.
Psychiatry BY 10 YEARS were treated
Prof. Dr.. Featured of the patient, and especially in the genital area constantly roam with the probe from the original location inability to work, lack of fertility and sexual life with fear and anxiety that had serious psychological trauma, was passed. Nearly 10 years of psychiatric treatment received by these patients admitted to the medical center explaining Prof. Onen, said continued :"Y api we examined in the left kidney albeit badly enough to live work I've found that the patient surgeries have suggested. Big future in hopes of patients who agreed Memorial Diyarbakır in the hospital for 3-4 hours too featured a closed surgery have applied. closed with a surgical procedure the child's kidneys in the probe holes kidney from entering both penile urethra from the bladder and finally the patient completely clogged thin and for 18 years no broken urinary tract reached. Both kidneys in the closed tools as well as lower urinary duct fine instruments clogged with channel opening step we have expanded. Expand that into the urinary tract, our invention all over the world name our bred and sold featured a catheter is placed. Thus, our patient life for the first time last month is normal urinary ways voiding began. From the first day the patient's outlook on life has changed"
Prof. Featured in patients 18 years of work at all for failing bladder completely reduced and very sensitive case stating that said :"IR The first days urine while burning pain, as the case together with the day 30-35 times going to the toilet complaints, although there were the normal way of urination joy to live. a month without surgery we antiplatelet therapy with bladder relax, increase capacity began. Immediately after surgery the day 35 time go to the toilet forced our patients, we currently day 8-10 times going to the toilet normally survival continues. patient's psychology this in a short time significantly improved. Özgüven instead of the patient from the second the spring began to live."
"SEXUAL LIFE will not be thwarted"
patients 18 years of age to the lower urinary tract and genital area ever can not use, yapamayınca channel in the wee penis in their minds established penis concerns the work of Prof. voicing thought Onen, said :"D Event with the fertility of the property and whether a normal sexual life can not be thought. Many years the trauma experienced with the psychological treated. All of these concerns center patients admitted to the normal way of urine do sexual life nothing to do with is not only of the urinary tract is closed by telling detailed information and clarification patients with've convinced. Fortunately, we have successful surgery as a result of our patients are now both normal from the urinary tract peeing both genital organs functioning normally awareness that by living with hope looking to the future. A child's bladder Despite the urine normal road making for 18 years, only kidney placed in the probe and live urine out of the drainage situation, as we know, so far the world is the first case."
"FRIENDS kidding me, was"
patient Cetin Rock, mocked by his friends because of this situation, he said. Cetin, 3 months old, kidney hose attached by stating that the continued :"K endian me begin to understand I saw that everyone normal penile path urine when I probe help to make staying. Some of my friends make fun of me was passing. A friend's with the guidance Prof. . Dr.. Abdurrahman Önen next came. surgery on me by the plight of the saved. Now I normal way to work I can. past, my urine in the normal way I could not do with friends to play ball when I want to play with me did not. healed after my friends me in amazement began to look at. urine my first when I was doing if reboot I felt."
financial situation is not good about the father Kutbeddin Kaya years, children götürmediğini doctors leave stating that was completed as follows :"A bdurrah finance our teacher came over, we bless us all assistance found. Currently my child through normal urine can do. Allah Abdurrahman mentor our bless him, we are grateful. But financial situation may not be adequate. ahead of my child another surgery may be necessary. Cetin restoring the health of the state for the elders and the authorities to help us look forward. Additionally, our region This special kind of surgery done at least now Istanbul, go to big cities such as Ankara is blocking. because if these facilities were not in Diyarbakır would remain more difficult to go away."

(Special Report) with the probe in 18 years Suffers Kidney" comments for.


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