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  • 15 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 12:00

(Special Report) Five Brothers Candle Light Work Course

(Special Report) Five Brothers Candle Light Work Course
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Zonguldak, two thousand TL could not pay the electric bill Reyhan Ozturk, five children trying to read by candlelight.

Zonguldak news: Zonguldak, two thousand TL could not pay the electric bill Reyhan Ozturk, five children trying to read by candlelight.
Alsancak district of Zonguldak Karaelmas Street Turkmen residing in the 33-year-old Basil, five children brought into the world is trying to read. Turkmens, who divorced her husband in 2008, is fighting for his life with five children.
Clung to life thanks to social assistance, the Turkmen family, trying to live by candlelight in the evening. 18 Since candlelight lived in the expression of the 33-year-old Basil Turkmen said :"K OCA with our marriage five children was our. In 2008 we got divorced. Divorced after I my children to live together began. Our children eke I started. Kids grown. semi-open semi-dehydrated lived. Five children from three high schools the other two in elementary school reading. Difficult we get along. Nearby money, whether the costs get not afford. too difficult days we spent, helpless situation. what we're doing we were surprised."Social assistance along with explaining Reyhan Turkmen, said :"S ow Services for help I'm getting. Electric bill with my many places I applied., But always returned empty-handed did. Helpless I was. Darkness had. Coals do not have. Electric bill my I have no position to pay.'m not seeing my wife.'m in contact with my wife since 2008. Himself do not want to discuss it with. was a man of very irresponsible. I've dedicated myself to my children."At home the moment stove burning explaining Turkmen, said continued :"O Children My cold is sleeping. Cold is studying. Kids are cold. 15th is the day the stove'm not lit. Was 18 days no electricity. Children candlelight is studying. Two weeks children bath does. Course notes fell. what I'm doing I'm surprised. Larger my help extend their want. Whatever would they help us. kids want to."
9-year-old Emre Turkmen is"Our electricity if it would be nice. Stove our reflection nicer if We lived . Mothers us trying to look. us is dealing with. reading for our"he said.
9-year-old Emma, ​​12-year-old Emrullah, 14-year-old Behice, 16-year-old Venus, 17-year-old Dilek"Soba Our reflected the warm up, I have electricity reflected the course a try"said.

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