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  • 24 Nisan 2014, Perşembe 11:21

( Special Report ) Crazy Turks who defied Facebook and Twitter

( Special Report ) Crazy Turks who defied Facebook and Twitter
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Gebze district of Kocaeli two young lives , is a competitor to Facebook and Twitter is a social networking site has implemented the project .

Kocaeli news: Kocaeli's Gebze living in the town , two young , Facebook and Twitter to rival social networking site project implemented .
Kocaeli's Gebze district living in the Ertan Aktas and Yasin Ersoy named two young , two years ago, start the project they'freely Shouts meaning'Freelyshout View has launched the social networking site . Young 8 months ago launched it they Freelyshout makes a statement about the site's founder Ertan Aktas, \"About 2 years ago my friend Yasin Ersoy'l start working and this work further to devote time we have worked in the company of our business we have left . Nights our day in and day adding to our this cause head We tried . Launched last project about 8 months ago , in a short time reached 100 thousand members . Trip Park events and the closure of Twitter in the last number of members reached serious , \"he said .
site have established in the process of interesting events were faced with explaining Aktas, \"Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih Freelyshout Turkish equivalent of having freely Haykırı misunderstands us to sue , he said. Later in detail about our project inform , we misunderstood appeared. also Arrow Bayülgen , Emergence , Nuru Cukor , the Honor Akay, Ezgi Asaroğl and many firms as an enterprise to be our member , \"he said .
other social networking sites, with not a rival stating Aktas,\"our members completely original character, without limitation sharing facilities we provide . ads and sponsored content with tenacity of purpose and users who do not bother elements hosting our website , I or address accessible from , \"he said .
originating in Turkey as an organization become a global brand that they want Aktas, in line with this project with will be investors said they expect .

( Special Report ) Crazy Turks who defied Facebook and Twitter" comments for.


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