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  • 09 Şubat 2014, Pazar 09:53

(Special Report) animal lover Couple

(Special Report) animal lover Couple
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In Bursa, a couple for 6 years, dozens of stray cats in their neighborhood is fed.

Bursa news:
Bursa Osmangazi district of central Yunuseli residing in the neighborhood Coates (48), Şengül Gunner (54) pair, feeding cats in the neighborhood six years. The couple live on a pension, in the neighborhood of about 50 cat's stomach can eat. 2 meals a day to cats couples who also made the wooden houses. Cats home in our spacious garden comfortably, acting in cold weather slots remain.
Interior cats in love is an expression that Coates Artillery,"hungry animals give birth to are. 6 years that cats are looking at. We both cats love. Previously a cat winter time our garden had kittens. them from the cold let in and looked,"he said.
Cats 2 times a day to eat that gave Şengül Gunner is"cats we love. them 2 times a day to eat are giving. They are also a lot of us got used to it. garden at a time of 50 cats is happening. They are also home to protect them from the cold of winter did. Some cats are staying in this wooden house,"he said.

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