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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 12:14

Source of Disease in Winter Soups And Protect with Vitamin C

Source of Disease in Winter Soups And Protect with Vitamin C
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Tekirdag Private Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Gülçin Begum, a healthy source of vitamins A and C to spend the winter soup recipe gave.

Tekirdağ news: Tekirdag Private Hospital Nutrition and Diet Expert Begum Gülçin, more healthy to spend the winter and vitamin C source soup recipe gave.
With winter coming on emerging diseases and vitamin C consumption must be taken, saying Nutrition and Diet Expert Gülçin,"Especially febrile diseases of vitamin C requirements increase. therefore sources of vitamin C in dark green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, citrus, vegetable and fruit consumption should be increased. these vitamins in pill form instead of getting fruit and vegetable intake should prefer,"he said.
Winter while other vitamins that help in combating diseases noted that vitamin Gülçin, strengthening the immune system of vitamin A reduces the risk of disease is stressed. To take vitamin red, yellow vegetables and dark green leafy vegetables consumption attention that you need to Gülçin, whereby the risk of disease also reduced voiced.
During the winter months of healthy eating Emphasizing the importance Gülçin, and vitamin C together to get for 'vitamin soup recipe gave also.
materials needed for the soup 1 cup semi-skimmed milk, 1-2 leaves of kale, 1 bunch broccoli, 2 tbsp wheat, 1 small carrot, 1 small celery, 1 tablespoon tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon black pepper as a sort Gülçin, the soup the making told in :"T ü vegetables Wash cubes and chop until soft boil. Vegetables soften began bulgur and stir. almost cooked, milk and olive oil add. low calorie, vitamin A and C source your soup and enjoy."
winter months observing the effects begin in the days to mind the nutritional about the many questions that the voicing Nutrition and Diet Expert Gülçin,"the weather starts to cool and the day shortening of the person along with the physical activity decreases and the house passed time for you, with increased snack consumption increases and, in the process people lose weight is. Moreover cold weather with winter illnesses increase in It is observed,"he said.
winter there are many ways to prevent the disease process, indicating that the Gülçin, with cold weather descending liquid consumption should be increased, he said. Water occurs in winter in the disease the body's temperature to stabilize and the elimination of toxins is required for the said Gülçin,"a day of 2-2.5 liters of water consumption should pay attention. Liquid consumption to increase unsweetened herbal teas should prefer. Nights the extension of the growing snacks consumption of fresh and dried fruits, chickpeas as more healthy snacks should change,"he said.
During the winter months the use of oil increased attention Gülçin, amount of oil used to reduce the frying instead of boiling and baking procedure of choice to be expressed.
Gülçin, legumes due to the structure of the fiber provides a feeling of fullness, saying, 2-3 days a week to gain weight in winter made from legumes salads, dishes and soups can be consumed said.

Source of Disease in Winter Soups And Protect with Vitamin C" comments for.


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