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  • 19 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 13:09

Small şeymaa's Life Struggle

Small şeymaa's Life Struggle
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In Yozgat from six different health problems in the world with 4-year-old Şeyma Akbas, 5'inic times will be angioma.

Yozgat news: In Yozgat from six different health problems in the world with 4-year-old Şeyma Akbas, 5'inic times will be angioma.
Yozgat İnceçay in the village Aysel and Alparslan Akbash pair came into the world first child Şeyma Psoriasis Akbas, after birth, in the heart of two separate holes, leading to the heart are two main veins as a problem, left lung, the absence of esophageal respiratory tract of a hole that detected. Is born, lives to fight within the Şeyma doctors said it was not possible to live a long time. Up to 2 years due to respiratory distress entered through the nose hose fed liquid food through a small şeymaa 5 Tuesday, December 24 time to do angioplasty.
Alpaslan Akbash father, daughter şeymaa that leads to permanent health checks, but she still is facing the same health problems, he said. The child grows older vessels sufficiently developed because angiography should be stated that the father Akbas,"My daughter already 4 times angioma was in the days ahead 5th time angioma will be. Child continuous oxygen tube connected to live. 4 hour intervals oxygen tube connecting nervous. If not connected in their hands on their faces bruising going on, can not breathe. child of this situation very sad. my financial means very limited because my child treatment MANIPULATION large distressed I am. minimum wage gas station pumper am working as a. Continuous Ankara to come and go for my road money even can not afford. use the drugs too expensive of drugs, the percentage can not even pay. Diapers and formula I'm using. myself for something I do not want my child's therapy I want it done. State from waiting for help,"he said.
mother Aysel Akbas the same expression, using small şeymaa for healing powers help from they said they wanted. Mother Akbas,"Great sadness we live. Child's healing you want. Partner at the station pompacılık living by trying to get us, but not enough. State assistance from want. My kid's like the other children run and want you to play,"he said.

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