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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:13

Serap Ozcelik, Becomes World Champion

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22. World Karate Championships in the women's kumite 50 kg Mirage Ozcelik, Germany on behalf of competing emotions Buğur was 6-1 , defeating World Champion .

İstanbul news: Photo made ​​in the city of Bremen, Germany 22. World Karate Championship in struggling at 50 pounds Serap Ozcelik, who is competing for the finals in Germany of Turkish origin are faced with feelings Mist . Exhibits a superior performance against rival Ozcelik, the game won the gold medal , winning 6-1. Last without match in the first round of the Photo Championship Ozcelik, in the second round , the Russian rival Ekatar to Rozhok , 3rd round of Spanish Rocio Estepa , 4. Austrian athlete Bettina Plank round , semi-finals had also print the name of Endonozyal finals by defeating Sukatendel Surinit Sari . Photo Minister Sword TAN CONGRATULATIONS Photo on the other hand, Youth and Sports Minister Aquifer Chagatai Sword, 22 world championship gold medal winning world championship karate who obtained the title of national karate greeting message for Sarah Ozcelik was published. The Minister Chagatai Sword greeting message , \"held in Germany 22 throwing World Karate Championships a success history of the competition as he struggled leaving Sarah Ozcelik, The World Champion. Undoubtedly all of us a well-deserved honor and a common joy experienced Ozcelik with this success I heartily congratulate everyone who contributed , \"he said .

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