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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:25

Seminar on Service driver to Kulu

Seminar on Service driver to Kulu
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In the Kulu district of Konya transportation to students who were given a seminar on transport minibus driver .

Konya news: Photo Central Elementary School Conference seminar in your living room, District Directorate of National Education Branch Manager Ihsan War, Traffic Officer Falcons Alba , petty officer Senior Sergeant Osman Aslan , Sadat Gökmen , Efkar Kocak , Data Processing Control Operator Yusuf Erdogan and drivers participated. < br/> documents sought in drive and the vehicle at the seminar , the presence of each seat safety belts, taking more passengers , the fulfillment of the student-disembarkation rule, means the law of interior and exterior light fixtures and disclosure was made in responding to the desired quality. The seminar also noted the importance of vehicle maintenance , drivers do not obey the law will be punished and was reminded that he may cease to work. If they are going to serve as the mandatory minibus driver and was also warnings about vehicles stemming from its failure can be arrived on time in cases not been reached, the transport time of the District Education Directorate , or to notify the school principal. Of the Photo Seminar driver explained the importance of compliance with transportation rules .

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