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  • 29 Mayıs 2014, Perşembe 14:46

School Equipment and Technologies in Educashow

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Educashow School Equipment and Technology Exhibition , opened IDTM Istanbul Expo Center .

Educashow School Equipment and Technology Exhibition , opened IDTM Istanbul Expo Center . Many new products for the education sector under the fair when making the tanıtınm , open to the participation of teachers free certification program started at 53 .
Educashow School Equipment and Technology Exhibition , Istanbul Provincial Education Director Dr . Muammer Yildiz started with the opening speech . Educashow , which will last until June 1 , the education sector for the first time, many products were showcased. \"Magic Paint \"from Europe like the award-winning firms also present the fair, the 3-D printers , 3D pen , 3D educational content , visual and auditory technological materials, the latest educational software, 21st century technology equipped with laboratories, modern amp solutions and many more items have been on display . Trade everyone in the waiting impatiently , \"follow the service program\"was also introduced. The program and school management , both families for facilitating the work together with the children to provide a secure targeted.
Educashow School Equipment and Technology Exhibition organized as part of workshops and seminars began . Which is open to the participation of teachers certified free workshops and seminars , as well as the names of specialists in Turkey Ünivesitesi New York and scientists from the University of Dacota Sounth made ​​speeches . Sign Profitable in Kayhan , Adnan Aksu , Alexandra Abellan , Batuhan Aydagül , Assoc. Dr. . Engine Montenegro, Prof. . Dr. . Erhan Erkut , Gökhan Yücel , Professor . Dr. . Hande Briddick , Isil Boy, DR . Free Bolat, DR . Aspirations Majid , Dr . Selcuk Can Trust , Assoc. Dr. . Selcuk Ozdemir, Assoc. Dr. . Selcuk Sirin , Asst. Assoc. Dr. . Sertel Altun, DR . Sinem Aslan, and Prof. Steve Barkley . Dr. . Zia also found among the many names of Selcuk , teachers talked about the new educational methods . Certified training programs most remarkable topics covered are; \"Early Childhood Creativity , Innovation and Implications for Education , Learning Physiological Basis Technology's Changing Colors with the Mobile Learning in the 21st century School and Learning , Early Childhood Fun Math, Model Teacher and Positive School Climate \"was.
\" eDUCATION BRAND brings dynamism are \"
Organization reviewers Educashow General Manager Orçun Fida, such a large scale and an international trade fair is organizing delighted to be heard , said:\"both are free certified training programs , as well as the new training of school equipment and technology to bring a new dynamism to expect . \"said.
cut the ribbon opening speech of the exhibition after the Istanbul Provincial Education Director Dr . Muammer Yildiz , Educashow will contribute to the education sector with an emphasis on very well , said ; \"Today our esteemed educators only where teachers and students do not actually in the sector education community, infrastructure, a looking at the unseen heroes there . We teaching profession , defining altruism as a profession we are defining but also the sacrifice of this sector brings to the industry's recovery and profit margins , regardless of a love for the profession as that investors there . our fair has just begun so I I said Provincial Director of Education before you get ahead of this leadership does, you do via social media all followers share with you all of our teachers , principals correspond here come running are \"

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