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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:08

Sakaryaspor'un new stadium will be completed at the beginning of Year 2016

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Sakarya Metropolitan Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu , Sakaryaspor'un construction time of 28 thousand 160 people capacity stadium will be completed in early 2016 announced .

Sakarya news: Photo Spor Toto 3. struggling in the league and rising in recent weeks that led to the successful outcome Sakaryaspor , Moscow Ring Road 28 thousand construction continued on the new stadium will have a capacity of 160 people at the beginning of 2016 . Located in the examinations at the stadium under construction in Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeki Toçoğlu , said it would be one of the most important investments for the future of sport new stadiums , \"the sport in Sakarya and located next to the service of athletes we continue to implement . Hopefully the new stadium project we will complete at the beginning of 2016 ,\"he said .
\" wORK iN PROGRESS aT FULL sPEED \"Photo stadium maximum capacity of 28 thousand 160 people would be smart Toçoğlu President added , \"the construction work on the new stadium project consists of 16 blocks continues at full speed. production by 25 percent following the work has been completed . the new state will take place in approximately 460 lodges. Thus we will create a serious income source Sakaryaspor'u , \"he said .
\" TRANSPORTATION oN THE PROBLEM will not happen \"Photo whether the new stadium Toçoğlu experienced any problems in accessing the President underlined , finished by saying:\"important investments for the future of the sport we are implementing in Sakarya . We provide a modern infrastructure facilities infrastructure we have undertaken the responsibility to Sakaryaspor'u . In the name of our new facility we have identified together with our fellow citizens . In Ekrem Karaberb Hopefully soon we will get the services of the infrastructure facilities . Stade will not cause any problems in transportation. We will develop alternative transportation facilities. \"

Sakaryaspor'un new stadium will be completed at the beginning of Year 2016" comments for.


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