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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:50

Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Rashad Discusses Butcher 10 Number Projects

Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Rashad Discusses Butcher 10 Number Projects
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Rize Mayor Prof.

Rize news: Dr. Rashad Butcher, who was made ​​to evaluate the work of municipalities in the press conference . Short, medium and long term projects and daily municipal studies evaluating Head Butcher, gave information to journalists about the stage reached in the project. Since they took office in Photo municipality 7 months , indicating in what they made ​​plans about what needs and deficiencies Head Butcher, \"Our Projects short , are divided into three groups, medium and long term , including . we have put out will be able to follow more closely the problems with new perspectives and our people an easier way, we create a mechanism that will allow us to reach . the existing 444 50 53 call requests contact us at our headquarters and complaints , 90 percent we're solutions of up , \"he said .
regularly come together with citizens problems listening stated that the President of the butcher , \"Our citizens , the people of the day we have been editing can share exactly is the problem with us. Vice-Presidents and evaluate the demands together with the technical team, we are trying to solve their problems \"he said.
< strong> residence of RIZE RE MOVE hAD TAKEN Photo Rize live in residence , Head Butcher calling upon citizens who are outside Rize, \"Every year the amount of allowances to be given to municipalities according to population Iller Bank settlements are determined based on the address in the last month . We want our compatriots living in Rize and the residences of citizens regardless of their place of residence is outside Rize Rize . This situation is already mandatory requirements of the relevant law . We ask a variety of reasons that are outside the residence and still the mind Rize Rize Rize residing in the residence of our citizens . In this way, our citizens , Rize will have been a contributing indirectly \"was quoted as saying . Photo Recep Tayyip Erdogan Butcher President stressed that in cooperation always with the University ,\"the university as one of the most important tools to keep the Rize development. I only got to look at the university as an economic resource. The university is one of the tool that changes and development in the social sense . We contribute to the university in activities which made ​​for a good cooperation. Small portion Güneysu Municipality a large part of the Rize Municipality will provide space provided for the land , Recep Tayyip Erdogan, University of housing construction to transferring faculty , \"he said .
PERCENT of WATER MAINS 2016 90 I wILL CHANGE , indicating that the former President Butcher Photo Rize water line and made ​​a statement about it for studies , \"We are doing a parallel transmission line replacement project on water diarrhea line. This project work has been completed but is expected to be resolved between the relevant ministries of the small roughness on how to do the project. This is possible thanks to replacement water line replacement in major fault lines that can be activated. Large network of water mains refurbishment work together with our project which will be held in 2016 are 90 percent change . Also this is our replacement water line , modification we will make will serve through our project backed up \"gave expression to the place . Which will be put into a Photo Application Number 10 President stating that the project is in the study phase , all butchers , \"Currently, 10 of every project we refer to as Number Project of the members of parliament , by delegation we have created in-house and outside agencies are continuing to work . Our planning as for these projects to the way continues , \"he said .
HEAD BUTCHER TAN citizens GARBAGE WARNING , indicating that they should not put out the garbage during the day Photo Tradesman Head Butcher, \"and only in the morning at 8 o'clock in the evening hours of 19:00 citizens after they put out the trash. Unfortunately Taking out the garbage in the habit of going around in the city of our day requires large garbage trucks . The density of traffic and sidewalks due to poorer image will no longer apply this formula , \"he said . A directorate established that they express the President butcher to design planned the whole operation will make the Photo municipality , \"before proceeding to the implementation of the projects that the municipality will be a unit of the preliminary work and mental gymnastics to happen. Take the branch to discuss any suggestions about converting the project to transfer the format of the Project Plan and are establishing Branch. Thus work we will proceed more quickly made ​​. System we take some measures to improve the corporate structure to clarify and speed , this is one of them , \"he said .


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