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  • 20 Mayıs 2014, Salı 11:44

Remove Limits on Legal Education

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Kemerburgaz Istanbul University and the University of Cologne organized in cooperation with the Turkish-German Law Degree Dual Diploma Program , students who participated , Turkish, German, European and American Union'Common Law'dominance in the rule of law will allow .

Istanbul Kemerburgaz with the University of Cologne University in cooperation with The Double Chartered Turkish-German Law Degree Program Students who participate , Turkish, German, European and American'Common Law'rule of law in the dominance will provide .
Between Turkey and Germany first and Turkish-German law only Dual Diploma Degree with the University of Istanbul Kemerburgaz was implemented in collaboration with the University of Cologne . Students wishing to study abroad, which is one of the most significant reservations'equivalence', which eliminates the problem of the program , students began taking the period 2013-2014 Education . Common curriculum by signing students two degree aims to provide programs with both Turkey and Germany will be accepted by the students , the two countries'law degree as well as the European Union and the U.S.'Common Law'legal system of learning opportunities will have .
three languages ​​
at the University of Bonn in Germany field of legal education and the Ministry of Justice exam by entering the tenure of judges , prosecutors and attorneys to qualify Kemerburgaz in Istanbul University Faculty Member and Double Chartered Turkish-German Law Undergraduate Program Coordinator Aysegul Altınbaş in 2005, settled in Turkey after graduation recognition with the demand of Higher Education'refers to the equivalency certificate . Due to differences in curricula between the two countries to win the validity of the diploma should take 22 lessons learned that more Altınbaş , Istanbul University Faculty of Law equivalency certificate by completing courses in different years are taking . Study abroad in Turkey after equivalency certificate making process difficulties who experience Aysegul Altınbaş coordinator his double Chartered Turkish-German Law Degree Programme in global world are in need of legal education in three languages ​​, two countries and two with a diploma , said they have . Istanbul Kemerburgaz by the University of totally scholarship sponsored project between 15 and 20 students stating that it accepts Aysegul Altınbaş , distinguished jurists to be and ideals in the area want to work in a disciplined students Dual Chartered Turkish-German Law Degree Program invites .

GRADUATES BALANCE not need to be
in international law arbiter to train people stating that they aimed Aysegul Altınbaş , \"the two countries accepted by the students , training the first two years at the University of Cologne in the German legal education the last two years the Istanbul Kemerburgaz at the University Turkish law taking training is completed. , students in Germany , Cologne University of bachelor of Laws students in Turkey Istanbul Kemerburgaz from the University Law bachelor's degree graduates with going on. program is a curriculum-owned for the lessons learned both in Turkey and in Germany are considered. Turkey's Higher Education Institutions in Germany, the Accreditation Authority with the approval of a program created because of our graduates in no way equivalent transactions not deal with , \"he said.
Aysegul Altınbaş Double Chartered Turkish-German Law Degree Program students who participate in both the European Union as well as America's legal system a chance to learn have said they will . Altınbaş , \"Our students graduate from the program when they are in Turkish legal system in the European Union locomotive function assumed the German legal system and American Law Schools system in parallel with the training they receive and the American'Common Law'in the legal system ( Certificate of United stateslaw ) dominance will win . So our students Turkish, German, European Union , and the American legal system competent and highly qualified will be , and this third language is very beautiful can use . Additionally , students , their countries'borders with satisfied across cultures will be trained . this future lawyers must for one of the conditions , \"he said .
Cologne University , Paris Sorbonne and the University Collog London University with a double degree ie dual diploma Law Degree opting and recently the University of Florence and to cooperate prepared that said Altınbaş , \"University of Cologne , with Turkey program , the Sorbonne in Paris , London and Florence universities with collaborations including wants to . we our students some lessons in these universities want to take . single , our goal without limits of a universal law, receive training , \"he has included .
participating in the program Öðenci ALL OF sUPPORTED
both Turkey and Germany states supported by the program's students in the two countries various organizations and institutions scholarship offer stated that the Altınbaş , \"Successful students reaching out to them this opportunity we want to provide . Istanbul Kemerburgaz University will accept 25 percent to 15 percent of students are giving 100or AnlArIndA scholarship support . Program for German and Turkish language knowledge required by the German B2.2 . language speakers of the 25 percent additional scholarships for students is provided. Other than that, in both countries, existing institutions and organizations of the future lawyers to support excited about , \"he said .
Legal training to be received agency choosing a global world needs to look stated that the Aysegul Altınbaş ,\"In today's business life national law we often enough does not come . Work of the institutions can be partners in the international arena and the preparation of a contract in a foreign language or to produce solutions to conflict situations in which we may have . Therefore our program to the needs of the global world , the need for our graduates to be equipped lawyers and we want them to find work in any field . Other students in Turkey only a legal education , while our program , including students in the two countries studied law in taking two streamline the judge is going, \"he said.
EUROPEAN UNION TO THE PROCESS OF POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION WILL BE < br/> between the two countries legal system by integrating an important synergy to create what they want and German students also interested in the project expects emphasized that Altınbaş , \"between Turkey and Germany for many years based on the historical ties there and Turkish law in many areas of German law are affected . In this sense, both systems significantly to judge manpower is needed. In addition , our program , our country directly concerns the process of the European Union and will make positive contributions . Turkey, a very important country for Germany . Too many Germans living in Turkey , there are many Turkish people living in Germany . This is why German students think might be interested in the project , \"he said .

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