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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:37

Recommendations for pregnant women to travel!

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Flat KadıköyŞifa Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist. Birgül Karakoç pregnancy provides information about travel-related issues must be considered!


ideal time to travel during pregnancy three months. Because the first three months craving nausea , such as vomiting, abdominal problems and growing in the last 3 months due to pregnancy fatigue and make it difficult to ride. However, there are some issues that should be considered, especially a long journey.

Always use seat belts.
Air bags; must be turned on.

Bus rides recommended for pregnant women at least a form of traveling. Both the limitation of movement, as well as due to infrequent breaks a long bus ride should not be used if you have no other option. Oturulmalıdır if done while moving bus. Consult must be used, keeping the edges of the toilet.

more due to the possibility of moving bus, train journeys should be preferred. But do be careful toilets are small.
Train, car or bus seyahatlaerde time 5-6 hours is not a very good idea.

long journeys especially risky for pregnant women to stay still for a long time. All trips must be taken care of this issue. If there is a particular problem in the course of pregnancy, another journey by taking action in this regard there is no objection to any yapmakda.

Pregnancy causes an increase in the apparent tendency of blood to clot. The case for a long time and still keep your legs hanging down can cause the blood to clot in the vein. A clot from the lungs through the veins of your legs 'pulmonary embolism' be caused by what is in question. This is a table that give rise to life-threatening emergency situation.
Car journey often break, breaks make it run for a while before traveling around the calf and thigh muscles, then relax your legs by removing low would be appropriate.

Air travel is safe for pregnant women. Unless there is significant change in cabin pressure is a risk for the baby bear extra. However, in order to ensure the airline companies themselves after a certain gestation requires a doctor's report. However, intercontinental long-haul flights often walk in the aircraft would be appropriate.
Intercontinental travel is made, the doctor must be consulted. Next to the possession of a health card containing vaccines in pregnant women also useful.

recommendations for traveling during pregnancy:

and comfortable pair of shoes should be worn.
Appropriate, should be a comfortable travel pillow.
toilet needs must be resolved.
Snack food should be.
seat belt must be worn and all safety measures.

swim and sunbathe

the ideal sporlardandır swim during pregnancy can be done. However, jumping, pools slides, water games, diving is not recommended. Jump into the water, especially at advanced gestational weeks are for entering the beach or the pool ladder. The chemicals used in pools during pregnancy does not create an extra inconvenience. Whom you are sure it is clear, the sea or swim in the pool is the ideal sport can do during pregnancy. However, and very compelled to swim backstroke or breaststroke style is important.

is better to be a little more careful when it comes to sunbathing. Whether or not the pregnancy is perpendicular to the sun's rays at noon sun that is not very healthy behavior. So it is recommended that pregnant women behave far more sensitive to sun. Partially sunbathe sit in the shade during the afternoon although it is considered more accurate. Plenty of fluids should be taken, used, and do a sunscreen higher than 30 SPFve hats must be worn.

Recommendations for pregnant women to travel!" comments for.


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