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  • 15 Mayıs 2014, Perşembe 17:07

Psychologists Gürkaş:\"People feel that Social Media is Not Deficit \"

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Clinical Psychologist Gürkaş Peace , people said that they felt a lack of social media when they are not .

Clinical Psychologist Gürkaş Peace , people said that they felt a lack of social media when they are not .
Gürkaş , social media , space and time limitation without the people with each other their shares creates a whole , said:\"Facebook, YouTube , instagram , tumblr as many platform where these network people what they do , what they think , where they are, what they feel a gereklilikmişçe to share. Initially, in the normal course ongoing shares , every day something else is turning into .
daily life, though exhibitionism can be named as some sharing social media in almost become imperative . Business dangerous side is the people themselves that identity different from those to show much struggles . this photo taken from place to notices up everywhere emerges . People sometimes where there itself when tagging , and sometimes much more flashy that may appear photos to attract pushes the boundaries .
This is against our idealized we ( we want to be ) our identities with the fact that we are our identities turns out to be the difference between the opening . So in reality we are not identities against the one we offer , but in ourselves that in the conflict we find .
On the other hand growing exhibitionism , along with our counterpart exposed the so called flashy our lives , that person himself with other comparisons to the cause. As a result of this comparison itself feels incomplete and unhappy . So we flashy shares friends'unhappiness can lead , \"he said .
However, sharing the sexes in terms of the differences observed noted Gürkaş ,\"women often their own photos better tend to show , while men are \"about me\"section more cares . Buddha is very closely related to daily life with the roles of men and women . Social media is embedded with the other side of real life , her daily emotions , the relationship is not really possible to separate them from . According to a survey conducted , Facebook status updates , one and a half times more hatırlanırk of the sentences in the book which , because of the two and a half times more than the foreign one is remembered. According to the researchers , this rate was a notable difference in terms of memory performance . This case, social media how much of our lives to be present in a very concrete example , \"he said .
Gürkaş , social media and technology in this way advancing ourselves in that position could noted:
\"1) Social Media Diet
Life Watching the beautiful moments spent others have not come to pass . Days yourself in social media-less moments Identify and at that moment, no social media to get into .
2 ) Negative thoughts and feelings become aware .
Yourself how you feel uneasy when it realizes you in social media while navigating it to try to catch . Someone else's photo when you look at it do you any good unless feelings at the moment you become aware .
Social media when navigating the often disturbing thoughts and feelings, recognizing and avoiding them better makes you feel .
3) Natural life , sports, important people pages that follow.
them in daily life , we often suggest psychologists of our activities . They also see the screen better than your friends'flashy sharing is the future \".

Psychologists Gürkaş:\"People feel that Social Media is Not Deficit \"" comments for.


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