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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:03

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Announces New Safety Pack (5)

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"mortar from the marketing authorization holder , guarantees and eligible collateral amounts collected under the pen name under the name of the environment will collect in a single license fee.

Ankara news: We will remove the old annual license fee for the application , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the Prime Minister at a press conference held in New Building has announced details of a new safety package. Providing information about different about the new mining law Davutoglu, \"One, life insurance, healthier and more less cost and with a transition is seen in all the mineral're thinking of moving to the life insurance system. There will be a public audit , an audit will be provided through private insurance . Two, mine fields of audit and activity of the monitored'll make arrangements to be performed by accredited independent entities . Three, we will encourage the development of small business and the merger of the mining basin . If the last Ermenek shrinks much business as in the accident there remaining reserves is trying to get the maximum profit will be decreased as soon as possible , but it is possible to look broader because it is ongoing in other places when a place in reserve decreases. Four, we will reassess the provision mining license according to size . Mineral species, there are some mines that market value is not high, I rarely say that they will be held where all of their claims. Five, we will determine the right price , taking into account the changes in the world state as progressive metal prices. Very falling costs , becoming cost the state can not afford the right to mine the area. According to the value in the international market's ups and downs in the stock market that mine if the price is right will increase if there is increase in the state . State and will be considered the right of the public , \"he said .
\" annual license fee , we will waive application \"Photo Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"Six , fees from the license holder , guarantees and environmental costs collected under appropriate safeguards name We will gather in a single account under the name of the license fee . We will remove the old annual license fee application. Seven, a portion of the license fee , activity is finished , we'll make arrangements regarding the ongoing rehabilitation and modernazisyon mines. Certain amount of the license fee , we will determine the rate , we'll look at it . Ministry of Finance budget to create a budget that corresponds to it in systematics . We reserve say 25 percent of the license fee , we keep it in a fund in the Ministry of Finance. If a mine before going to state there will be close to rehabilitate rehabilitation will charge the employer. This issue of the employer's financial situation , prioritize , will be connected to the economic planning, \"he said .
\" that makes it easy for STATE RIGHT TO SMALL BUSINESS \"Photo provided ease in the right state for small businesses to the eighth article in explaining Davutoglu, \"Nine, will create incentives for mineral exploration activities . Mineral exploration for mineral exploration companies, mining will try to increase the national capacity. Mineral exploration companies more professional, we make capacity is high. Ten , mine operating costs , we will introduce a requirement during the license request , he called the company , demanding business . On a mining project preparation to the highest standards of business , we will do arrangements for the monitoring of content and applications . Twelve arrangements for upgrading mines the nature of the task will be technical staff in the business to be done , \"he said .
Prime Minister Davutoglu, in his speech said:Photo \"is about 2 months with our relevant ministries , regulatory Following a comprehensive assessment of our experts who know the subject , followed by we plan to be implemented by regulations issued . Not enough to pass the law , then that law will pass legislation to effectively manage the process management applications. This process of connecting to a continuity management , as well a control system that switches in Ankara , double scissor lift will bring a control circuit . This social awareness , mentality, education Despite the transformation from excessive ambition , will bring severe sanctions if the wife let me for a moment before most of our workers saying life is at risk. We show our efforts , the Government will remove the legal issues as important as our union workers have them come out and raise the awareness of our citizens . We all have sensitive after the accident but it is important to demonstrate this sensitivity without the accident. Due to the sensitivity of this law and the conscience of our citizens that the new arrangements are entrusted . Government revenue as more important than the safety of our citizens billions of dollars in a single . Losses in our hearts that we go when we embrace it with those citizens , we feel in our heart. \"

Prime Minister Davutoglu, Announces New Safety Pack (5)" comments for.


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