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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 15:24

President of the Danube Call for Investors

President of the Danube Call for Investors
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Mersin's central Taurus district will establish a private company , and about 100 people laid the foundation of the textile factory will employ Taurus Mayor Hamit Tuna, said the district is now become a center of attraction , \"We expect investors Taurus ,\"he said .

Mersin news:
Çağdaşkent will be built in the neighborhood and baby clothes President attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the textile factory that produced the Danube , in the construction field , was welcomed by business owners and employees. Assign the first mortar foundation of the textile factory Tuna, Taurus has stated that they are always in favor of the production of the municipality. Entity , business owners and wished to be beneficial to the district Danube , \"Çağdaşkent our neighborhood in a closed area of 3 thousand square meters and we have laid the foundation of the textile factory to be built in capacity for our employees about 100 people . Our goal is Taurus self-sufficient , their needs he sees , supporting the production of marketing this is a district . the presence in our region of this type of business is very specific to our business . our district with the work we do has come to an open position to improve. our district will hope to increase the number of new jobs , and we invite our region, our investors. Taurus our support for the production of the Municipality will always continue and the region will try to release higher levels of expanding trade , \"he said .
2009 Taurus the business owners who said they took such a step because they want to expand their capacity and manufacturing areas within the baby clothes industry believe Karakus and for the support offered by Ilhan Karakus the production they thanked the Danube. The factory textile they plan to finish in February 2015 to the current capacity of 10 times and stressed that up to at least 5 times the number of existing employees believe Karakus , \"Manufacture baby clothes is not a sector that has a lot in Mersin . Usually Bursa and standing these products in Istanbul and sold . But we, as a business owner , we believe this work can be done in the area of Mersin . Our other business owners in this sector as we take a step we think that way , \"he said .

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