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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 13:09

Prenatal Education to Get Pregnant

Prenatal Education to Get Pregnant
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Public Health Director Dr. Sakarya.

Sakarya news: Public Health Director Dr. Sakarya. Erdogan Aydin, thanks to the support they provide East Marmara Development Agency, from 2014 in all districts of Community Health Centers, which will open in Prenatal Prep pregnant women in antenatal education said they would.
prepared training project on December 18 from the doctors, midwives, nurses, consisting of a total of 30 health personnel admitted to a course voicing Erdogan of participating trainees of the course after the county in community health centers will be opened in antenatal preparation classes for pregnant women to training will start reported.
a healthy society but a healthy presence of individuals can be reached with Erdogan expressed, East Marmara Development Agency provides technical support of the project in the world and in our country increasing cesarean rate, reducing maternal and infant mortality prevention that they intended, with education given pregnant women labor, labor pain to deal with, breathing-making, relaxation exercises, relaxation techniques, possible medical interventions issues informing themselves and their bodies do not trust the provision stated that.
"woman's body to normal birth is programmed,"said Erdogan,"Birth is a physiological event. fact caesarean some medical reasons and obligations due to normal birth is not possible in cases to be preferred a surgical method. however some reasons cesarean childbirth choice, unfortunately, is increasing. pregnant women in normal labor during the pain will feel and labor, take a long grounds normal birth he is afraid. many years, continuous and increasing social negative teachings because our women of normal birth are afraid they have become. brought to life we ​​project prenatal education classes pregnant women in education fetch them a normal birth preparation, we are planning,"he said.
Erdogan, education and women during pregnancy in a healthy the completion of pregnancy complications that may arise at least be reduced to, during pregnancy, eating healthy, normal birth-related fear and anxiety remedy in the world and in our country rapidly increasing cesarean rate reduction and normal birth and to encourage the mother's confinement period information related to increasing the level of the baby's breast milk with nutrition and maternal and infant health in all matters concerning the mother informed the main objectives, he said.
Cesarean As the number of risk also increased attention Erdogan, the statement was completed as follows:
"Each passed in surgery inside the abdomen adhesions increases more and the next in surgery can cause difficulty. Moreover cesarean As the number of the next pregnancy the baby his wife down settlement (placenta previa) ratio and the baby his wife's uterus adhesion (placenta accreta) an increase is observed that these mothers and babies in terms of life quite risky circumstances. first cesarean section even These risks concerned may. For this reason, unless compelled cesarean delivery and always normal birth foreground is recommended. Additionally each caesarean section, the patient slept to the anesthesia process in itself some risks may not be ignored. All pregnant women we are located in a district community health centers will be opened in We invite you to antenatal preparation classes."

Prenatal Education to Get Pregnant" comments for.


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