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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 09:21

Poor Posture is doing Hernia

Poor Posture is doing Hernia
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Experts occurring during daily life sitting and standing posture cause of the hernia after a certain age, he says.

Bursa news: Experts occurring during daily life sitting and standing posture cause of the hernia after a certain age, he says.
Stance forms, affect people's physical and mental condition. Occurring during daily life sitting and standing posture, after a certain age can lead to problems that can not be corrected easily. Inactivity, business, work at a certain standing posture, sitting and sleeping in the wrong position can lead to poor posture habits important. Poor posture, especially with deformation of the spine that we build on the back and neck hernia are preparing the grounds.
Repetitive and form the backbone of sitting in the wrong position can cause muscle strain that tells forcing Exp. Dr.. Ali Şahabettinoğl, long time employee at a desk, back curvature, shoulders slump and rounded and shaped to slope toward the front of the neck may be exposed to poor posture, he added. Ali Şahabettinoğl these people in the same position from exposure and repetitive microtrauma mAlArdAn because of shoulder pain, neck pain, severe cervical disc and neck calcification, between the shoulder blades pain, arm and wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist pinched nerve) disorders such as can be seen in said. From the neck arm-in-hand hitting pain or numbness present neck hernia, articulated legs spread numbness In the hernia may be voicing Şahabettinoğl this case is primarily a physical therapy specialist looking in appearance should be said.
In Bursa in the center of manipulation (manual therapy) method 23 Apply for years Exp. Dr.. Ali Şahabettinoğl in the world, most widely known and applied widespread in Turkey yet whether this method is expressed. Manipulation therapy (manual therapy) in mild cases 2-3, medium cases 4-6, in extreme cases, 8-10 sessions are applied indicating Şahabettinoğl, the diseased area some compression, stretching, rotation maneuvers are applied, this treatment with a massage that it is irrelevant, classic expressed that western medicine treatment.
Şahabettinoğl, manipulation in the treatment of back and neck hernia that has a success rate of 98 percent, he added.

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