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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Temmuz 2013, Cumartesi 10:09

Police smash Lamborghini 900 thousand pounds

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London police have captured using the 300 thousand pounds worth of uninsured destroy the pink Lamborghini announced Aventador'u.

Scotland Yard (London police) using an uninsured driver caught 300 thousand pounds sterling (about 900 thousand pounds) destroy the value of the pink Lamborghini announced Aventador'u.

üzerine'Polis seized by police outside New Scotland Yard 'super car is being exhibited in London's upscale neighborhoods and put text Knightbridge'de street caught Wilton Place. Police arrested the owner of the car has not yet decided tutuklamamaya. Caught by the police before the fate of the many Ferrari Lamborghini luxury cars such as the level of splinters were expressed.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman stated that one of Lamborghini super car seized in Operation Cubo,"It got kind of car. in their sports cars. few Porsche, BMW and Ferrari have X5S. these cars are often torn apart,"he explained.

different days, and seized the car made 135 arrests made 656 Operation Cubo learned. Since October of 2011 as part of Operation Cuco robberies, illegal drugs, alcohol and weapons handling kullanılen said the capture of 10 thousand 318 car.

Police smash Lamborghini 900 thousand pounds" comments for.


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