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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:54

Palabıyık , MHP Chairman's Reply to the Lyrics

Palabıyık , MHP Chairman's Reply to the Lyrics
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Manisa is located in the description of the Kula district hospital planned MHP Edremit Erkan Manisa deputy's words , the AK Party District Chairman Ahmet was quick to respond to Palabıyık Kula .

Manisa news: Photo AK Party District Chairman Ahmet Palabıyık Kula , Manisa deputy Erkan MHP Edremit the'new hospital will be smaller than the existing hospital , health clinic somewhere up'reacted to the words. The ongoing work of locating Palabıyık transfer , the new hospital will be held , he said larger and wider than the existing hospital . Hospital 18 thousand square meters area stated that the built in Palabıyık , \"AK Party Manisa Deputies Huseyin Tanriverdi and Muzaffer Citizen, they did repeatedly description of the hospital to do. Existing hospital four thousand have 800 square meters of space. Hospital to be made , built 18 thousand square meters area to be . I wonder if Mr. Erkan Edremit , he saw how many 18 thousand square meters with a health center. I think purposes , when we challenge the hospital will be gone from the hands of material in their ears. themselves necessarily want to invest in Kula and Kula at least that we liked as much as If he thinks , the MHP Municipality wants to do in Kula garbage facility, you prevent this. Because Kula'l citizens , Kula does not want to make a mess. We had come to the hospital, we completed the project and the procurement process case, \"he said.

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