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  • 22 Aralık 2013, Pazar 10:03

Obesity in Childhood

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Baskent University Adana Teaching and Research Center of Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist Dr.

Baskent University Adana Teaching and Research Center of Pediatric Endocrinology Specialist Dr. Sangin longing in our country in recent years, obesity increased level of concern, said:"Obesity in children is a source of health problems,"he said.
DR. Sangin, in his statement, the World Health Organization Considering the rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity,"intercontinental epidemic"warning reminded forced to do. Of childhood obesity, contrary to general belief in society"cute and easily modifiable", whether"that can last a lifetime"is an expression that is the source of health problems Dr. Sanger,"The obese child's genetic potential by the short is, the growth rate decreased, adolescence findings early shift or delays, eye, ear and overall body structure abnormalities in the detection, in a short time is very rapid weight gain, a health problem that may indicate. Therefore in this case the children do a child endocrinologist by the need to be examined,"he said.
proper eating habits OBTAIN
childhood and in adolescence obesity on the treatment options due to insufficient preventive measures emphasizing the importance DR. Sangin said:
"For example, the mother during pregnancy, excessive weight gain of pregnancy to the extent permitted to exercise, the baby is at least 6 months only breast milk feeding, the parents themselves healthy nutrition for children, which can be the first measures. Nutrient selection in the habit of at an early age are recovered, family members 'eating habits influence each other. That's why healthy eating and exercise great' lifestyle should be, and to the children of these behaviors should be given. preschool age group, as a family eating dinner frequency is small and larger servings eating habits risk of obesity are higher than. In this age group with excessive consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks while watching TV in the not too much should be avoided."
Because childhood growth and development"diet can not be done"is true thoughts underlines Dr. Sangin, said:
"Obesity required in respect of investigations completed in children, pediatric endocrinology specialist recommended diet, the child's height growth will not prevent the is arranged. Herein should be considered point, the doctor not been evaluated by the children by unskilled individuals improper diet is to apply. Obesity a disease and every illness should be treated as. an underlying health problem, even if obesity itself, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, gallbladder disease, asthma, middle ear problems, sleep apnea, migraine-like headaches, bone curvature, puberty disorders, psychosocial issues of reproductive function disorders and even cancer development may lead to"
Individual addition to the measures in schools and the city can be taken in the social measures in explaining the importance DR. Sangin,"in schools and in our homes or punishment as a reward food and drink should not. Schools within and outside the children will enjoy the activity areas should be created, urban physical activities that will allow you must be planned. Example in our country are very few places that are available in bike paths and city life free of rehabilitation and will create the opportunity to exercise, as well as the solution of traffic problems of the city and will contribute to energy saving. use the stairs instead of the elevator to prefer, is an otherwise healthy lifestyle choices,"he said.

Obesity in Childhood" comments for.


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