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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:50

Naka Search and Rescue Dog

Naka Search and Rescue Dog
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Search and rescue activities in dogs named Bailey who will work with the Nilüfer the Search and Rescue Team ( NAK) has added strength.

Bursa news: Photo Nilüfer Municipality naka Civil Service continues to work in coordination with a new member joined . CASH German search and rescue agency staff went to Germany at the invitation of Sar-Germany'n the second time , he returned to the first level of training dogs named Bursa area Border Collie breed Bailey . Find Members have NAK Pinar and Nilüfer Municipality Civil Defense personnel Fatih Light, dealing closely with Bailey continues to planned training . 11-month-old Bailey drew attention to the success of odor method of people or goods , finding fulfills the complete form of the command of the instructor. Photo Nilüfer Municipality Civil Defense Staff and NAK Chairman Fatih Light, \"in cooperation with Sar-Germany two years we continue our work . they gave us earlier, Dick , and have achieved very good results. Search and rescue such trained dogs in the work we are helping a lot , and we get positive results. the two-week training with Dick's educational continuity for both Bailey's compliance and have participated in the program on behalf of initial training . the best German team in the training of search and rescue dogs in the world to be seen . these two dog is also notable for its sensitivity to human odor , \"he said .
Trainer has found the fountain is said that they worked very pleasant with Bailey , \"Each morning walk , to play the ball while command and obedience training are continuing to work . we fold path 5 miles every day . They are a team with Dick compatible . I believe we achieved successful operation taking energy from one of our one , \"he said . Photo from Germany Nilufer Search joined the rescue team , Bailey's , while leisure attend training to save lives also enjoys playing with water.


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