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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:32

My email messages from the Company Rules And Short Appointed

My email messages from the Company Rules And Short Appointed
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AK Party Denizli Deputy , Planning and Budget Commission Member Mehmet Yuksel, said that public opinion was extremely disturbed by unwanted emails and rules imposed on short posts.

Denizli news: Yuksel, \"unclear message that Kim came from and the message sender will be changing administrative fines in the thousand to 10 thousand ,\"he said .
AK Party Denizli Deputy , Planning and Budget Commission Member Mehmet Yuksel, electronic trade receivables regulatory discipline , announced that it entered into force in Parliament become law . E-commerce is now Yuksel , indicating that arise as a requirement of age in the increasingly globalizing world , that has started grievances , however, stated that a law be prepared taking into account . E indicating trade is Turkey's future and an important channel for the economy Yuksel, \"Therefore the law of preparing both the economic potential of this platform and to do no harm to the development process , as well as we try to resolve the grievances faced by consumers. Starting e-commerce in the mid-1990s all over the world shows growth regularly. Today our country has reached a volume remarkable level of spending made by e-commerce. the growth rate in the United States and our country is ahead of Europe , our e-commerce volume in 2013 was around 40 billion. in 2014, 50 billion TL'ate is expected to reach . It is envisaged to shop also around 12 million users in over the internet. Therefore, the spread of electronic commerce , consumer protection that makes the electronic media in the process and is especially important safer and transparent manner made ​​of commercial activities conducted over the internet. Made safe on e-commerce with this arrangement and significant steps have been taken on transparency , \"he said . Photo deputy Yüksel , the Parliament discussed and enacted by the legislation stating that brought many innovations gave the following information:Photo \"to vendors in electronic commerce transactions the online market place and platform that enables buyers are defined for the first time . In trading on the electronic media , has been made on behalf of the commercial communication is made real or legal person providing the information must be presented clearly to be identified. Especially unsolicited e-mail and text messages as public opinion was extremely uncomfortable ( SMS ) applied rules submissions , these additional costs resulting from eliminated , so both companies as well as consumers of the effectiveness and sustainability of commercial communications in terms of are provided. The formalization of enterprises operating in the field of electronic commerce and monitoring are provided. Magnitude as in 2018 170 billion per year , projected to be 350 billion TL in 2023 on the internet basic expectations for the volume of card transactions took place and created the necessary ground for the realization of goals. About those application requirements to fulfill the obligations contained in the law or administrative fines ranging from 1000 to 15 thousand pounds shall be applied. Commercial electronic messages to more than one person at a time , if the check is sent to the recipient without penalty will be increased up to 10 times . No specific message that came from the sender and the message will be given administrative fines ranging between the thousand and 10 thousand. \"

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