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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:34

Mhp Demirkaya Provincial President Inaugurated

Mhp Demirkaya Provincial President Inaugurated
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MHP Chairman of the assigned h.memet Demirkaya , \"We will not negate the expectations of those who trust ülküdaş .

Malatya news: Resentment , the resentment we will win. Me we us now , \"he said . In a press conference held at the Photo MHP provincial building , MHP former Provincial Chairman Arif Yildiz resignation of then assigned to the provincial president by MHP headquarters H. Memet Demirkaya starting to work , introduced the board members . < Br/> Chairman of the MHP Demirkaya , \"MHP Chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party provincial Av. Stars Arif Bey vacated by the resignation of chairman of Malatya , our party has been entrusted by my personality Headquarters. We are members of a national case , the sacred way yolcularıyız . Principles , written two thousand years ago Orkhon monuments , our rules , our prophet sent by Hakan Dear Almighty . Our ideals and our Başbuğumuz determined by Alparslan Turkes . Are carried out by our wise leader Devlet Bahçeli number . Our goal is Great Turkey , our hearts are the great Turkish nation . Edirne to Kars , every inch of our land and our sacred saint from Hatay to Sinop is every citizen . MHP ; Get our farmers who labor for the abundance of crops in the field sweat of workers in foreign lands for the maintenance of all the children in the construction and mining face in the death of our brother , who is a party to chew tomorrow . MHP ; \"You have to collect knowledge from cradle to grave \"conforming to the divine order, which shed light on the eye as well as university students from elementary school all the sons of our party . MHP ; opened shop with besmele , the wonder of balance, our sister party is pursuing all trades halal earnings. MHP ; Is the party of the Turkish nation. In our province as well as in our country , our party ; referred to corruption, haramza will bring the end of the AKP government , has valuable staff time to put an end to the looting . On this day , as yesterday , we stand shoulder to shoulder in tomorrow and our party both in Malatya , will carry both the power in our country , \"he said . The President Photo Provincial Demirkaya description continued:Photo \"neither I his appointment as Provincial President does not make me special does not make it superior . This service does not mean that I was chosen among the caravan in ülküdaş from my precious one. Remove the sense that I have a brother but was preferred among equals. Provincial Chairman of our Party is a task worthy of all my ülküdaşı . Each of my ülküdaşı can give the right is a duty . Therefore, the provincial chairman of the task entrusted to me personally , along with my friends on the Board of Directors , we will do with all the support and prayers. I strongly believe that you will accomplish this task with my dear friend and litigation responsibilities given to us . We only goal in this case the indomitable erleriyiz our goal is to raise a force of our party this blessed way .Hiç sooner this case can not return this way no matter what our position for our office and the way this blessed yolcusuyuz . Our ideals , our flag is a homeland. we'll spoil the game for those who want to destroy our unity and solidarity of our union are one. Mr. President General , and we will not negate the expectation to rely ülküdaş . Resentment , the resentment we will win. Me we us now . \"MHP Management in Photo Memet Demirkaya presidency occurred in the following way:Abdulkadir Arica , Abdurahman Yildirim, Ahmet Ilhan Ahmet Yasar Şendog that , Aydin Pektas, Ayse Gulay Coskun, Abdulaziz Flower, Dursun Emeksiz Ercan Altuntaş , Gokhan Gok , Gokhan Sahin, Gokhan Ulu, Hamit Yıldırım, Hasan Baydoğan , Hussein pine, Kazim existing , Mahmoud Kavukçuoğl Mehmet Kaplan, Mehmet Kazgurt , Mehmet Torun, Mehmet Sait Akkaya, Mustafa Cheers, Mustafa Dağdelen , Oguz Demirbilek , Ülkü Emre, Vahap Murat , Vahid Mumcular , Zechariah midweek , Alper Bleaching , De Honor does not and Aladdin are toxic .

Mhp Demirkaya Provincial President Inaugurated" comments for.


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