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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:49

KTO President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz , Prime Minister Davutoğlu Announces Positive where they find Reforms Report

KTO President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz , Prime Minister Davutoğlu Announces Positive where they find Reforms Report
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Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz , Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced reforms will create a structural transformation in the economy said they found positive .

Kayseri news: reforms in
Economics, Hiçyılmaz five set on the main basis of 25 priority stating that resulting from the conversion program , \"Mr. Prime Minister Davutoglu's statements, a very important step we showed the . production emphasis , who want to maintain growth and exports in 2023 to $ 500 billion are important explanation for our country, which aims to increase , \"he said .
President Hiçyılmaz , \"the Prime Minister \"Transformation Programme in Economics \"scope described , incentive systems , support for technology products , studies and heading in the direction to reduce the dependence on imports to reduce the current account deficit , the private sector and civil society are the issues raised by the organizations. we are delighted due to heed the voice of the private sector, our government , \"he said . Photo Hiçyılmaz , \"4 has already revealed important goals for the year period. Gross National Product to increase to 1.3 trillion dollars, current account deficit of 5.2 per cent for download , such as unemployment aims to attract 7.7 , we were excited as private sector representatives . Conducting best of both macro policy In order to reach this goal it is necessary to make the conversion on a sectoral basis , both the micro aspect , \"he said .
Announced transformation program , 9 of the title is related to the real economy and Hiçyılmaz seen highlights of major structural changes in the signal ,\"Technology and R GE has taken the forefront. This is very important in terms of production and exports. Because of Turkey's biggest problems are experienced in high technology-based production and branding to seek to make the point . We can produce ceases to become subcontractors know-how is required. The most important objective of this action program focuses on this point. Another objective is to move towards Turkey in a competitive environment with significant incentives , \"he said .
Public procurement , technology development and issues the promotion of domestic production Hiçyılmaz program stated that they saw quite enough through ,\"especially done at the point of meeting the energy needs of the intended investments is of importance . Given the existence of public and private health institutions in Kayseri , the development of health tourism destination will be unmissable opportunity for us. Located in addition, the program exports the plans related to logistics transformation in transportation and will be effective in increasing the viability of the domestic market , \"he said . Photo economic reforms of Describing stability of the application in Hiçyılmaz emphasizing the need of the show , maintaining the current positive outlook on Turkey's monetary policy point need , he said.

KTO President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz , Prime Minister Davutoğlu Announces Positive where they find Reforms Report" comments for.


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