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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 17:39

Kayaalp'in Reassures AK Party in Ayvalik

Kayaalp'in Reassures AK Party in Ayvalik
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Ayvalik Balikesir district , Hakan Kayaalp'in reaffirms confidence in the Justice and Development Party congress.

Balıkesir news: Photo Ayvalik District Chairman of AK Party's İsmet İnönü Cultural Center in the General Assembly made ​​the AK Party Balikesir Provincial President Mahmoud Poyrazlı , Balikesir Deputy Ali numerous party and was attended by Aydınlıoğlu . County Commissioner Speaking at the Congress Hakan Feeding, ever giving heart to the party serving and case offered their gratitude to the individuals involved at all levels of the party .
Those unaware of Turkish history and the value of those who hate the glorious history itself is not the servant of this nation , who stated that they saw as the dominant Hakan Feeding, \"We are not to dominate this nation , we have come to be a servant . from the people, the peasants , ashamed of the farmer , who rebuked them , against them, he was always superior seers .'peasant is the nation's masters'said the print and the only book , was facing the top of the people . They they were attracting set for the future blessed our country. more prosperous , more enlightened , a freer Turkey were prevented idela . thankfully, republic, democracy, there are those who embrace to be a servant to the nation. those who think managing to dominate the People's understand of course double paths. shields to dominate the folk understand fast train , hospitals, the textbooks free , paid and boxes filled with a billion-dollar debt to the Central Bank to understand the non-public servant . Attack helicopters, tanks, long-range missiles, shipyards that produce their own ships. Marmaray understand , 3. bridge; airports understand. Understand the objectives of the 2023-2053 and 2071 . Bimer of Sabie , the exports reached $ 150 billion understand. It seems that this consciousness and success inside and outside gives great discomfort. That is why those concerned about the strength of this country will not calm down . Kahler Travel events , sometimes parallel organization , sometimes 6-8 October and the events show that the blasting efforts of the peace process , we need to work harder. They will not stop , we will never stop , \"he said. Photo deputy Ali Aydınlıoğlu in the day it was founded by stating that today the people of the White Show Party a great favor , power was underlined that removes the king of Turkey with the huge investments . President
City If Mahmoud Poyrazlı , said it will bid farewell to the presidency province on November 30 . been single list in the elections in which 230 delegates voting Hakan Kayaalp'in presidency. Kayaalp'in was re-elected to the district president. the board Mehmet said Okyar , Sener Bağkaz , the Conqueror armrest , Kadir Temizel, Wisdom Simsek, Serkan Coban , Ahmet Jala, Ali Gur, Burhan Özlemişim , Abraham Cetin, Thin Ahmet Bearded Abbas Aktas, M. Bashir Eminoğlu , Hussein day , Levent Koc, Hussein's personal , Ozgur Mete, Kenan Ucar, Hayrettin Trampac Mehmet Erturk, Narcissus remaining , Fatma Search, Hunting and Sefa Nur Gul Cross Commandments were brought .


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