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  • 29 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 10:08

It will age in Turkey in 2023

It will age in Turkey in 2023
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Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the population over age 65 in 2012, which was 7.5 percent rate in 2023 10.2 per cent is estimated to rise to.

Aydın news:  Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the population over age 65 in 2012, which was 7.5 percent rate in 2023 10.2 per cent is estimated to rise to.
aging of the population health, social security, education, job opportunities and family life affects every aspect of the society. Research, is moving into a new demographic structure of our country shows. TSI According to the data, in 2012 65 and above age population rate of 7.5 per cent while the population projections based on this rate in 2023 of 10.2 per cent to rise to estimated.
In 2012 65 and above age population the highest rate of regions where the Aegean Region was 16.5 percent. Number of intellectuals of the population aged 65 and over 10.86 per cent to 109 thousand was recorded as 328.
Of people aged 65 and older account for 10 percent of the population Aydin Public Health Specialist Dr. pointing. Şeniz Karademir, a better quality of life in old age, the importance of the protection of health problems, he said. Today, chronic diseases can be diagnosed early the possibility of the presence of this disease and treatment for an expansion in the average human life span allows the increase of attention Karademir,"In addition, the birth rate coupled with declining in our society the old rate increases. During aging body that protects against infection immune system also weakens. This is why the elderly infectious disease risk than younger people are much more. Additionally chronic or debilitating diseases, smoking and alcohol abuse, self-care is poor, needed cleaning comply with the rules and eating disorders in infectious diseases, the likelihood of getting the arttırır.enfeksiyo connected to a discomfort when experiencing fever and blood infections If there are signs early diagnose possible. However, in the elderly, infection symptoms and signs according to the youth later time, the disease progresses to the step occurs. This disease is more dangerous state receives a cause,"he said.
AGE Encode from the flu DYING
over 70 years hospitalized elderly 50 percent of flu have spent and percent of deaths 75-80's because of this disease occurs noted Karademir,"Pneumonia in the elderly than in younger heavy passed. Influenza A detection rate with age does not increase but 65 years after the disease was caught recovery than the younger ones can be difficult. cardiac patients with the flu, lung fluid collection can be seen. This condition can result in death. Elderly flu in the following bacterial pneumonia may develop. elderly, pneumonia and influenza for the treatment of hospitalized, this time the hospital infection risk of developing revealed. elderly hospital-borne infections caught is much easier. these cases the recovery and response to therapy difficult. autumn at the beginning of the flu vaccine, are at risk in the elderly deadly flu disease is effective in reducing. Ageing better and quality life for these health problems is protected it is necessary to . Avoid the main three principles; healthy nutrition, regular exercise and smoking and other health-damaging behaviors is to stay away,"he said.
Karademir, the elderly common and treatment is delayed fatal major infectious diseases were listed as follows:Pneumonia and influenza , tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, intra-abdominal infections, skin and soft tissue infections, shingles, meningitis, infection of the heart muscle and joint infections.

It will age in Turkey in 2023" comments for.


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