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  • 31 Aralık 2013, Salı 01:05

Innovation in Education and Training Awards

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Minister of Education Nabi Avci,"Training managers is expected is to use their resources most effectively,"he said.

Minister of Education Nabi Avci,"Training managers is expected is to use their resources most effectively,"he said.
Capital Teachers held at the Education and Training Innovation Awards program joined the Minister of Education Nabi Avci, the education system in a comprehensive manner executed the restructuring of the work students will come equipped with the preparation, qualification to the highest level by bringing education and training to raise the quality of education, media and the process of improving the quality of education aims to improve, he said.
in Turkey with case studies resounding, scientific and technological developments, sensitive to all types and levels a lot of schools and institutions apply the Education and Training Innovation Awards Program in 10 categories 750 projects were sent. By the jury evaluated projects from one of 24 to receive awards deserved.
National Education Ministry's latest teaching methods and techniques of advanced technologies by students, using the age required qualifications for imparting an intense they were working, the Minister said Nabi Avci,"necessary restructuring with regulations, as well as a change in mentality also envisages implementation plans and programs arrangements to be made with the desired benefits for the provision in schools and institutions of good practices to support and sample applications with relevant sharing should be extended. For this purpose, all levels of education, the managers in taking the initiative of scientific management approach, in line with legislation, the powers given to the correct use is important. Training managers expected their resources most effectively is to use,"he said.
in the hall of a small child, the echo conversations with intersecting Minister hunter,"Yeah, I wouldn I'd do, you're right,"he joked .
especially teachers' personal problems related to numerous questions addressed were the Minister said Hunter,"personal rights related issues, consult could a line open innovation have made. Teachers employee related problems From January 6 444 9446 can call the line,"he said. Minister Hunter, 444 4632 line also have a profession who want to be women and disabled people are hungry for what they said.
Minister Stalker Adana, Amasya, Ankara, Tectonophysics, Batman, Bitlis, Burdur, Kayseri, Istanbul, Istanbul, Tokat and Zonguldak from managers and project team members gave awards to teachers.

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