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  • 23 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 12:37

Index Finds Healing with Stem Cell Transplant Performed

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Acibadem Hospital Ankara, Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Specialist

Acibadem Hospital Ankara, Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Specialist Mehmet Binnet, produced by adult stem cells have an important place of cartilage treatment, noting that"the main purpose of this method is to delay as much as possible the aging joints,"he said.
brother Durmus Regiment at the wedding halay Ali Regiment, after the wedding directory which consists of cartilage damage because she could not walk.
three months unable to walk Ali Regiment, countries developing in the 'adult stem cells' produced by cartilage transplant recipients was a treat. The Regiment's own cartilage tissue from adult stem cells propagated in the laboratory was transferred to a special method.
Ali Regiment, Regimental Stopped brother has danced at the wedding. Ali Regiment during the wedding experience any problems, when you come home on foot while pressing the 'left knee' was forced to sleep due to severe pain developed and a further almost could not get up. Young bedridden problem that makes the knee joint cartilage damage was found to be formed in the large. Specialist Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Dr.. And Dr. Binnet. Tural Ahmad operation they conducted with the left knee adult stem cells produced by the method of cartilage, again thanks toddler Ali Regiment,"about three months could not walk. Go to work, let alone hardly stand no kalkamadım.yeni walk down could'm so happy,"he said.

WITH ADULT STEM cartilage cell and aims to reduce the need for knee replacement
Sedentary lifestyle and increased weight especially in the knee joint cartilage leads to damage and injury. Generally, surgery is the preferred method of treatment in the elderly, and fulfill the duty to provide joint prosthesis is placed. However, these processes in terms of both time and health economics is becoming a growing problem day by day. Therefore, the search for solutions is growing.
Specialist Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Dr.. Binnet this quest in the"adult stem cells produced by cartilage"treatments have an important place, noting that he spoke :"B u method main purpose of growing with applications joints of aging as much as possible to delay."

adult stem cells that perform operations with the production of cartilage Specialist Professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Dr.. And Dr. Mehmet Binnet. Tural Ahmad, the body's largest joint because it is an important part of the knee cartilage injury occurred in the said region. Cartilage damage in chronic diseases long-term use of certain drugs to lose weight due to the string overloaded and trauma several reasons such as occur telling doctors,"10 percent in the no reason the might evolve. Patient our directory cartilage damage probably due to trauma started and ropes pulling the strings more uploaded violence has increased. Ali Regiment in knee cartilage 20 percent of the damage, and this is a great oran.h Bremen intervention was supposed to, otherwise the damage becomes larger and, in fact bone surgery, the more severe the surgery needed was. Moreover, our patient re-old health penetrate would . we damaged area in the directory 'adult stem cells produced by the method of the region of cartilage transplant' We have decided to do."
cartilage cells were REPRODUCTION LABORATORY
Prof. Dr.. Binnet,"Autologous chondrocyte implantation known as"cartilage for adult stem cell therapy, a two-phase initiative is provided by specifying the process said:
"Cartilage injuries adult stem cell method the patient's healthy from the area in very small amounts received cartilage cells in the laboratory replicated back to the damaged area is placed. first attempt with the operation of the knee joint intact cartilage 3-4 ml a small biopsy is taken. biopsy from 3-4 thousand number of cells in the culture process 10-12 million cells is reached. Laboratory mentioned in this period an average of three six weeks covers. formerly cartilage cells for the production overseas labs out there. But now Acibadem located within the Labcell this process as it is made to send abroad is not necessary. resulting new cartilage also made, with the operation of damage where it is glued. This bonding process fibrin, a blood product that takes advantage of it again. Patients in the treatment of our Ali Regiment passed through this stage."
Prof. Binnet, Ali Regiment adult stem cells produced by cartilage After placing the return to health stating finished by saying:"Because although their texture, though, cartilage cells damaged area to adhere to need some time. This process eventually we apply physical therapy directory functions were regained. Ali no longer as you can walk you can run you can even danced their hearts desire."

Index Finds Healing with Stem Cell Transplant Performed" comments for.


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