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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 14:39

In winter, the remaining Feet Boots can lead to disease

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Duztepe Life Hospital Orthopaedic Specialist Dr.

Duztepe Life Hospital Orthopaedic Specialist Dr. Sarsu Alishan during the winter months feet long period of time will lead to serious disorders of suffocation in the boat, he said.
Orthopaedic Specialist Dr. Alishan Sarsu, winter foot long suffocation of the sweating, bad odor and bacteria might be causing saving,"winter long-term same shoes to wear or cold weather, because our feet would be the problem. Most important of them sweating and bad odor. Feet long stuffy when there remains condensations and sweating also to bacteria, bacteria and bad odor leads. this serious disease cause is likely. it primarily to avoid same shoes every day wear should. the same shoes every day wearing if our feet are often the ventilation need,"he said.
"synthetic socks has to avoid,"he Sarsu, description continued:
"sweat-absorbing cotton natural products if you choose it to us helps. home when we went in to do my sock us remove our fingers ventilation we need. especially between the fingers remain wet for need. finger breaks wet if fungal infection often appears. Foot care is important in a feature nail very cutting got to. particular quotation from the bottom when we received the ingrown nail becomes excessive. incorrect beliefs as well from the bottom When we nail if it ever sink is considered to be. Whereas vice versa quotation of the rectangle to be cut."
outside the manicures and pedicures as well as nail care methods in hygienic environments built should be pointed out that the Alishan Sarsu,"Manicures, pedicures outside if you are making them hygienic and healthy is to pay attention required. Nail care, especially in the varnish for not we should pay attention. you our foot corns or warts, if any, ourselves removal should not try to. you on your foot calluses If you do consult your dentist. you treat yourself to your work and the greater the damage can be. heel cracking or drying If you normally use creams can, but antibiotic cream or fungal cream such as drugs your doctor without consulting,"he said.
winter feet protect from the cold especially preferred long boots unhealthy is reminiscent Sarsu,"Of course, long boots venting because it blocks more unhealthy. But boots short, even if the material is very important. material naturally very important to have . Synthetic no shoes then the disease can lead to. Hosiery cold when the pair of socks rather than a single heavy socks to wear better. stockings in synthetic away from the stop and wool, cotton available,"he said.
home when navigating the washing of feet and drying on the fine details that Sarsu, said:
"Especially feet when washed or ablution Given necessarily a good rinse should. damp should not allow. every whatever between the fingers of our beautiful kurulama need to. because the thong stays moist when all kinds of diseases can cause."
flat insoles problems of people with hard shoes to stay away from emphasizing the need Sarsu,"Flat soles hard shoes to stay away from need. Especially soft-soled shoes to choose required. smooth base, especially in the cold pain increases. this also and only exercise can prevent,"he said. Beautiful and elegant appearance
because they prefer high-heeled boots, especially of women and stressed that they would definitely not recommend heels Orthopaedic Specialist Dr. Alishan Sarsu,"high heels summer and winter do not recommend. Babette-style zero heel shoes also not good. Shoe's heel and no more than two fingers thick, to be soft and flexible, based supposed to be. What should be higher than what it should be zero between the two should be. Babette the terms and heels do not recommend orthopedic"he said.

In winter, the remaining Feet Boots can lead to disease" comments for.


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