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  • 14 Nisan 2014, Pazartesi 13:23

Ideasoft , to Increase Number of Authorized Dealers

Ideasoft , to Increase Number of Authorized Dealers
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Ideasoft , until the end of the year the number of authorized dealers is aiming to ride .

İstanbul news: Ideasoft , until the end of the year the number of authorized dealers is aiming to ride .
Four thousand in Turkey received more than 200 e-commerce business that provides structure ıdeasoft in 2014, will increase the number of authorized dealers . Primarily outside Istanbul growth target ıdeasoft authorized dealers of software companies , web design companies and agencies first ranks .
Ideasoft managing partner Fatih Caliskan authorized dealer systems and related , \"ıdeasoft of 2014 in February, the SME e-commerce according to the report , SMEs in 2013, sold on the internet the number of products and shoppers the number of users increases an important role. reports data, in particular of SMEs and small businesses every day e-commerce site by establishing internet sales tend to show that , \"he said .
authorized dealers between the participating firms CRM systems define stating hardworking, \"ıdeasoft the current 465 , which authorized reseller number of our end of the year all over the country thousands of stickers aim . Accountancy software firms, for different purposes software producing companies , web design firms and agencies , especially all kinds of companies operating in the IT sector can be our authorized dealer . Resellers join our company we define our CRM system . Our Dealers opinions and describes their potential customers in the system ıdeasoft CRM system is able to monitor their own Mustek . In this way, we can establish long-term relationships with our reseller partnerships create a business would have. Resellers to support our on-site promotional wanting companies to our authorized resellers are forwarding \"he said .
E-commerce system located in the template design rather special design companies who wish to custom design integration service providers ıdeasoft , design services with additional revenue , the possibility of finding . Corporate
they placed banners on web sites authorized dealer commission from the sales winner among resellers ıdeasoft apply for companies wishing to do at . < br/>

Ideasoft , to Increase Number of Authorized Dealers" comments for.


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