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  • 30 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 10:41

Help the young one in a million Caught Showing Disease Awaits

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Connected to the district of Kırklareli Lüleburgaz Kırıkköy 26-year-old Hussein Aker living in the town, one in a million usual 'loin pain haematuria syndrome' with the disease, despite all the economic troubles and hardships of life is struggling.

Kırklareli Lüleburgaz connected to the district Kırıkköy living in the town 26-year-old Hussein Aker, one in a million common 'hematuria, loin pain syndrome' disease with all the economic difficulties and impossibilities of life in spite of struggling.
6 years caught the disease 20 years of struggle Aker,"Economically bit, so now I can not afford treatment. Playing left my door, I'm in so much pain, please tell me, do it for our great state,"he said. In the kidneys, resulting in urine and excessive blood loss as a result even death can lead due to illness, death at any moment in the neck felt that expresses Aker, a full-fledged hospital to be treated, he said.
Kırıkköy in the town of his father as a construction worker working Hüseyin Aker, six years old began to suffer Put a full diagnosis of the doctors that 11 years ago but still said there had been a positive development regarding treatment.
Haematuria loin pain syndrome with the disease every moment of death on the neck feels indicates Hussein Aker,"my illness when it will occur is not certain. these have experienced illness as a result some time in my urine suddenly excessive blood coming. these me quite worried and uneasy because I as well as my friends work, live, have fun and happy in a way I want to laugh. illness of my treatment in Germany or in the UK have learned that. economic troubles we are in, father of our home living in construction work allows. My mother where business finds it works. 3 sisters married, the smallest brother, the students, of course, this hardships our go there and our treatment very hard to be it seems. Believe excessive blood loss due one day I will die as soon as possible statesmen of our present discomfort to find a solution I want,"he said.
"treated as soon as I need to see"
Luleburgaz State Hospital"Disability Health Board by"on 1 December 2011 at his hearing loss and the two kidneys continuously monitored and frequently require treatment for upper urinary tract disease because 53 percent of the disabled report, given that the Aker,"BSNL Journalists Association Member Mustafa Alp, my being in this situation with close attention, bureaucracy transactions me was very helpful. Himself God bless. Moreover Luleburgaz Governor Mr. Cemaledin Yilmaz, me 3 months to be awarded the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation from the disability pension link can usually was. home our winter wood, charcoal and food aid found. him God bless you, but I a moment ago, a full-fledged hospital regular treatment I need to see. I got this disease since I got my life turned upside down. Mum, Dad miserable and desperate stayed. Disease when my recurrent unpredictable happens. Believe me at that young age I'm so tired and my illness so much I am suffering. urine blood from coming. these blood overzealous if I could die too. my pain to relieve temporarily hit painkiller morphine needles in my body immunity was"he said.

Help the young one in a million Caught Showing Disease Awaits" comments for.


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