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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 16:27

Head of Revenue Administration Adnan Ertürk:

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Kayseri Chamber of Certified Public Accountant ( ISMMMO ) by ,'of some receivables Law No. 6552 on Restructuring'meeting was held on .

Kayseri news: The President spoke of Revenue Administration at the meeting Adnan Ertürk, \"We will act relating to voluntary tax compliance of the new era . In this way we will try to prevent losses and leaks ,\"he said . Photo Municipality held a meeting at the Cultural Arts Center, Deputy Governor Erdogan Aygenç Revenue Administration, President Adnan Erturk, Najm , Vice President of Revenue Administration Keskinsoy , Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountant and Chairman Suat Ozsoy, Kayseri President Niyazi Özkök'e Tax and invitees . Kayseri made ​​the opening speech of the meeting, Certified Public Accountant Chamber President Suat Özsoy , \"Today is really a very important day . The purpose of our gathering here have 6552 bags law on the agenda . I think this intimate setting to shed light will be a good meeting. In addition , the TURMOB 96 thousand members a wide camiayız . there are 17 thousand trainees in total. one of the most active room in this respect from Kayseri , \"he said . Photo Özsoy also said,\"we have made good activity in the social field . Kayserimizden the most important feature of the coexistence of institutions and organizations. such I think it's very important to make the organization with institutions and organizations. There is also another issue that I want to say , we see the game in world geography. especially Al-Aqsa Mosque was twisted inside me when I saw the Israeli occupation. We should clamped tight in this regard. I think we in this way overcome this situation \"as he said. the Vice Photo Aygenç Governor Erdogan , \"Two whole society organizations are doing a valuable training activities closely. I congratulate themselves in this regard. The explanation of this fact a law education. The purpose of the law output actually settle into the life of society , society is not comfortable. This meeting will be held today . That this meeting, all of us in terms of , \"he said . Also Ertürk Adnan President
Revenue Administration , we're here to talk to a subject about here verger today . The size of the tax audit discounted almost 10 thousand . Control over taxes is very important. New unregistered in the coming period will work on the action plan. will share the Prime Minister's count it. However about how a strategy shown we will see together. We have to work on how to increase voluntary tax compliance . We will move about voluntary compliance in the new period . in this way we will try to prevent loss and leakage. in addition, are working to increase the compatibility of control , \"he said. when praising Photo TÜRMOB Ertürk, \"TURMOB members of our essentially non-permanent staff , our employees receive a salary. I see you so ourselves close . I have you in our predominantly income tax. ignoring this We will not . Retrieved 6552 configuration as payables related laws. Meanwhile tactics such laws . We're here so how can we best apply it . Tell your taxpayers understand this law very well . In this sense, you are the important ones. You have an important role in terms of establishing contact with taxpayers . 6552 contains the configuration of the law will be finalized . This law gives the things that appeal to the taxpayers. For example, offering installments in arrears . There are many advantages. In particular, examination, there are advantages in the motor vehicle tax . I explain to them the good taxpayers. If this issue in our file so how much spread is reduced. Gets rid of the debt and the debtor would benefit everyone , \"he said .

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