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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:11

HDPE Group Meeting

HDPE Group Meeting
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HDPE Co-Chairman Fig Yüksekdağ , HDPE Party Assembly Member for Ahmet Karatas suffered a knife attack , \"the day we woke up with a cowardly attack .

Ankara news: I'm coming he was an attack . Party is not separate from our targeted lynching campaign , \"he said . Photo HDPE Co-Chairman Yuksekdag , addressed to the party at the party's group meeting . Day Yuksekdag stating that they wake up with a dastardly attack , \"I'm coming, he was the one attacked . Party is not separate from our targeted lynching campaign. There is no attack of an angry person . Party is one of the persistently created pressure on our results . Who carried out the attack , only those tongs , it is not a pawn. Centers of political power is organized the attack . The head of this political war days , talking to a solicitation language. Ally brought into target our media party staring into the eyes of the public , took place what they hope today, \"he said .
\"Our party showing the target , this attack they say they do not expect , \"said Yuksekdag , said:Photo \"curfew criticism makers, the dark forces are organizing the violence itself . Davutoglu'HDPE You act like a political party , \"he says . Before you begin to teach us to start acting like a government. A government ,language, violence and war can make your own vows ? To deal with lay up and HDPE have made ​​the basic cabinet task. Your task is not that. Before You behave like a government , then questioned us. HDPE , carries you load your cargo . You HDPE while declaring that your only job is on hold pending the resolution process in this country is collapsing mines per worker , that worker not brought out for days . This is also the internal politics of the country remains under the rubble you created in foreign policy . \"Photo \" ONE OF THE PROCESS The Spirit EL Fatiha READING \"Photo hdp'n a great patiently at the task as a political party advanced voicing try to play Yuksekdag , \"one hand while trying to read the Fatiha in the spirit of the process , we declared that we defend until the end of peace. So what is the government doing ? Threatens to shake the table. There is only one branch in your hand, the solution process. You are trying to break it , \"he said .
\" VINEGAR CUBE SHARP DAMAGES \"Photo Yuksekdag , \"1 November, was declared a World Kopani Day. As well as in 39 countries, we have made the call . They exited street in the city of the world . What happened? Our people took to the streets , demonstrating the democratic rebel attitude , something that also happened because there is no military police intervened. When you put the circuit militarist actions in these instruments do people say that I know very well of peace . November 1st to provoke acts of government employees after the miscarriage they say'we predicted wrong , I apologize'should be . But the disposition to apologize , say we can not be wrong . Despite the 57 provinces in the area of printing and restrictions are flowing hundreds of thousands have demonstrated the most valuable position . Kobani'yi is the most beautiful greetings . I wish the Government to take that course , but Davutoglu's speech today that look . Damage to the sharp vinegar cubes . This sharp approaches upon you in your stand you ground the day-to-day will be snapped , \"he said .
\" TODAY Karbala oppression of KOP NEW SAID the \"Photo \"This road also had pain, massacres , treachery also . Today Karbala is Kobani'yi persecution , \"said Yuksekdag \"massacre at Karbala who were traveling on behalf of Islam , today, who Sengal massacre . Today we face a different guise in the army of Yazid . But yesterday the non-delivery are not delivered to resist today. Kopani here watching the way this resistance . Resistance for his way with so great a virtue that comes across erdemsizlig the carriers. Kopani resistance in progress but still blind, deaf and dumb have an understanding of the play . Still could not solve the meaning of Kobani'yi . They say Kopani not worry . Kopani our troubles , our case Kopani . The real reason Kopani not your problem, you need not answer. After the lapse of several months'Kobani'yi with Suruç not kept separate from you senseless , \"he said.
\" SAFIA your NETTING \"Photo \"Clarify your Safi , \"said Yuksekdag , \"Isidor new you started saying terrorist organization . On the other hand , PYD is also a terrorist organization'you said. Your eye speaks of Muawiyah and Yezit . Look after Kopani resistance silence , ignore and wait for the Kobani'nin fall disappeared . We do not leave our people gained positions of the exploiters , we do not . State does not make the task against from Kobani'yi . Claims and need to be proven. If water is flowing to the Government gani gani help . But there is nothing else to go to the naked eye if you look at the two camps Suruç AFAD . Whether we believeour eyes , is the government's report? Sengal and has a total of 9 thousand people in three camps from Rojava . The remaining 150 thousand people in the municipality of scarce opportunities , is what they help increase the female quotes from our people . Chief Negotiator Abdullah Ocalan, including Kurdish political party and we make contributions as long as we are as a party , we ourselves have seen a side of peace. \"Photo \"KOP NEW , THE PROCESS OF SUSPENSION EXCUSE AS USED \"< br/> formal negotiations about by the government for two years defending the great efforts they başlatılmamışk Yuksekdag , \"is the mission. Remove the crisis is resolved. This is by far our understanding of responsibility , but the government has no responsibility. Rescheduling policies tied to automatic. Policy ropes laying un-locked. Kopani , the process was used as an excuse to suspend , \"he said . Photo Yuksekdag ,\"Four on one side and our kuşatılmışk , the headquarters of our Party Assembly member Our stabbed by dozens of our people kurşunlanırk still call it peace. The process is not deeded your property to you . Solution and not your peace hostage. Peace is the peace of the people shall go out with everyone , \"he said .


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