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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Ocak 2014, Salı 10:59

Hanafi Bostan:"Teachers Want Some Respect"

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Turkey and the Turkish Education You Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen Asst.

 Turkey and the Turkish Education You Istanbul Provincial Chairman Kamu-Sen Asst. Assoc. Dr.. M. Hanafi Bostan, without suggesting lack of material and spiritual teachers working day and night said they wanted more respect.
Hanafi Bostan, teachers, tomorrow, who built the great architects said,"That's why the teacher's role, responsibility is very great. teacher herself in the best way training with the society that is at peace and everything for the student who sacrificed a light. Teachers, students every issue dealing with the problem, the solution of which helps student difficulties concerned about a problem is the father. Teachers system resulting from or students and administrators, due to issues profession offended entitled to is not. He at all times, in each case to the profession of love that is connected to the problem on the outbound, undaunted, sulks when any environment knowledge, manners, attitude and demeanor with A solar lighting,"he said.
the teacher, the student's personality prejudicial attitudes and behavior within can not be transferred Bostan,"One student's personality awareness to strengthen words and demeanor help with is the person who . He is also the student's honor and dignity develop a sense of contributing morality is a paragon. Pathfinders teachers also idealistic teacher is. Idealistic teachers, students alone to convey information that the person is not, then at the same time to ask questions, inquiry, research, teaching, tolerance and freedom of media preparing, thinking, understanding and interpreting the gain is someone who provides. Students, teachers' knowledge, the idea does not. them does concern them and mobilizing teachers lyrics, joy, hatred, geniality and behavior. Classroom and teacher in the room to sit stand not knowing, tolerance and kindness from unaware of those students can give there is nothing"he said.
Bostan, teacher-student, teacher-administrator relations absolute obedience, respect, love, respect and reputation based on have to, adding that the atmosphere is not established unless the learning climate whether to render said. Teacher, student of the most difficult and boring subject even interesting skills to showing people noted that the Bostan, said:"Teachers, students responsible must be. Student teachers took a step closer teacher if two steps are obliged to approach. Pathfinders teachers, students, exhibits compassion, and with them carefully take care of sacrifice is a paragon. O, to the students to give something every day to renew itself, pertaining to the profession to follow the developments the state. Teachers, reassuring employees. Teachers in the life of insecurity, despair, whether pessimism has no place. because he pessimism bright, hopelessness hoped that converts a He is an expert. Teachers also students confidence in the vaccines is a person. teachers fluent in Turkish one, as well as body language well talk thereof. student's level down to no teacher can be successful. teacher for all the students at an equal distance and equal distance must be in. loved ones a soft, loving what harsh can not act . Teachers self-confident, around the light hair is a person. His book disbelief, despair, pessimism and failure has no place. O every condition and time is required to succeed. O every kind of communication tool that uses the best persons. He also developmental psychology and the psychology of learning well versed in the classroom management techniques successfully applied thereof. Teachers, students not a loser, in every condition, winning them wrong habits that prevent, patience and tolerance on the summit, with tomorrow's big Turkey built aware of any material and moral failure to assert the night-day running and all of despair through the peeling beautiful tomorrow cause a hero is. Here the protagonists of political power, some respect is waiting. teachers' rights by usurping them starve by our country to progress is not possible. Political power it when they will understand?"

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