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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:01

Halil Mutlu from doping reply

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European, World and Olympic champion weightlifter Halil Mutlu old , lived on the doping incident in 2005 , \"I did not do it on purpose.

Ankara news: I did so knowing I'd do the take . I could go 20-30 years caught with drugs , \"he said .
National weightlifter Halil Mutlu , Kadıköy Anatolian High School Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel , \"European Student Exchange Project ( Commenius ) and the Balkans Sports Representation \"participated in the panel . < Br/> speaking at the panel Mutlu , \"I love this school, for the first time in front of my desk under my knees \"there were some colorful moments upon . Happy stating he asked the question that most neck is run, \"Boyum 1:49 , age 41 ,\"he said .
\"Weightlifting's length is small? Halter harm health ? \"Happy are frequently faced with the question of explaining , \"My height has nothing to do with a barbell of my being so short , it is hereditary , my father is so long . No sports industry does not harm health , \"he said .
Short that answers the following questions of the students talk Happily, a student \"You've done what kind of sacrifices for weightlifting ? \"He replied , \"I did not know what Weightlifting. I was running the village cow chasing , we're wrestling a day in the meadow , our neighbor , weightlifter, I discovered by chance by one of our brothers \"was the answer .
\" YOUTH SPORTS AND EDUCATION having trouble ONE TAKE \"Photo 1983 in Happy indicating that begin weightlifting at the age of 10 , the morning is intertwined with education until noon , afternoon voiced doing sports . in the village , go into the town and said that he constantly sports to know Bulgarian.
happy, how one takes you to the sport with the educational life asking students , \"Our course in high school sports in Bulgaria was always adjusted to the sport. 3 hours lecture , 1 hour of sports , we did the 3 hour course and then again 1 hour gym . Youth sports and education is not such a system in our country is difficult to bring together \"he replied.
\" JUST ME AVAILABLE FACILITIES I CONSIDER \"Photo \"We get them whatever to us as young people presented \"Happy to say , \"We can already out of the opportunities offered to us . System has enabled it to me in Bulgaria. I hope this facility is also provided to our youth in Turkey. Nor from what we do not waive sports training . I make no sacrifice , I evaluate opportunities presented to me , \"he said .
\" SPORT LIKE CANCER FOR ME \"whether to continue a Photo Sports that if a student who wonder happy, \"Sports for my cancer something like . Maybe this one can not get rid of discomfort in my life. Therefore, although not as old as I am doing my sport every day . I used to work for 8 hours , I am currently 1 hour weightlifting . I did 4 days of astroturf match of the week , I leave with a very good header of the ball \"gave money .
\" ATHLETES Our chanced grow \"Photo Mutlu, Turkey, on the question to be insufficient reason for sporting success \"in our country, no sports culture. I have to be in a state of sports , arts, culture is very important. No related policy in our country. Our country and our athletes , young people always come to coincidence or grow our way to the startled young gym. Do not select any time by going to school athlete. How young our pity in a country where still necessary or unnecessary physical education classes . Question of state students are not well , \"he said.
\" DOPING HAD DUE TO FIND YOU HAVE TO GIVE \"is another high school student asking if
Sports Why leave happy, \"Unfortunately, in 2005 a doping I got into the process , I had to take a break for 2 years. There were also different events in the doping part . Began to put obstacles in front of the goal I set for somebody, \"he replied. Reminiscent
last made Weightlifting Federation located on the losing side in the congress Happy,\"National events sense of revenge from you people think you convert personal event swells . I continued to sport after the doping incident. I chose myself in the national team coach , my coach was removed from the staff when I go to full competition. He appointed a new coach , I'm going to coach again was stripped of full competition . As such, it is one that I began to realize the deal with me . Sometimes coins now falls on me , \"he said. Photo Happily, his words said:\"41 years have been, despite my yarışsa in the world , have now followed the hollow clicking in Europe my opponent would certainly be consistently in the top 3 , the worst in half. I took some more zorlasa 41 years on the bench in the world. Or maybe I would be second , maybe third time we'd go to the Olympics . But then maybe we'd go with it , I would definitely lose that contest. Because I never go to the competition , maybe with my life. I decided to go to the Olympics for her. Then again, there was a choice . There are voting in the hall'Which Halil , which spoke of Naim . My brother will use you vote for the future of Turkish weightlifting . Let Khalili, Naim . Do not know me , no one does not recognize the Naim can not vote for the future of Turkish weightlifting so I left the gym , I protested, so maybe something changes . I looked no one asked to call the passed 1-2 years , said he wants people to say it. Then I started to work in secret . People have known what they did last . Yes , I've been world champion 10 times in Europe and 5 in 2005 , but I know that cleaning the stain of doping . I did not leave willingly went very hurt , goes further still . Sometimes'Yet another Halil Mutlu I was also so successful if I did not , \"he has been mentioned . \"Photo \" FAMILY wanted me to be SHEPHERD \"Happy student asking the profession in
dream , \"My family was dragged herding . We were in the countryside, the whole family were dealing with tobacco . But in my dream , I had to be a math teacher or professor. My family's dream if I stay in the village and help them now . Weightlifting athletes who did not even make my mind up to the end . I want to be free of charge education and math teacher, \"he replied.
\" DELIBERATELY DOPING I DO NOT I MADE THE we do ALAM \"Photo Happy,\"such a successful athlete you were but why did you use doping ? \"on the question, \"I can throw mud ,'That did'also might. But no man enough to stand behind what they did in the heart . I see the word says not to talk. And who said we are looking at and trying to intimidate , there is nothing to do. I do it on purpose . I did so knowing I'd do the take . I would go with 20-30 years of arrested drug . Yesterday children in 25 years, I know thatI learned. They called to ask who is also a knowing one . We know who also knows , but unfortunately we can not do anything , \"he said. The achievements Photo Sport life \"to caught up in numbers and start from scratch each time \"voicing connect feature Happily, the students found many studies and recommendations to fight .

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